Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #09

There’s more training for these girls, but if Kanata wants their training regimen to become more effective, might as well put Lecty, Rico, and Misora under one room!

By the way, Rico Flamel doesn’t like cleaning as it doesn’t fit her style. Lazy bitch goddess!

Meanwhile, Kanata Age is hanging out with Yuri Flostre and- Wait, are they supposed to be back at their dorms before evening?

Well, too late for that though…

…as Real Nua terrorizes both of them. By the way, this crazy doctor is targeting male students lately from ranked E to S.

Since Real Nua’s next target is a S-ranked Sky Wizard, does Kanata Age still counts as a S-ranked wizard?

Also, since he has Yuri in his sights, Dr. Nua decides to go straight towards Kanata’s former junior using deadly gusts of wind.

Honestly, Yuri is a sitting dick against that crazy doctor!

Luckily, Kanata is there on the scene to rescue Yuri from this creep. Oh and also, don’t forget that he’s still a S-ranked Sky Wizard..

…as Dr. Nua’s enhanced speed is no match for Kanata’s quick reflexes, which is why Kanata cut that doctor’s right arm.

Therefore, Real Nua has no choice but to retreat for now ’cause his arm is starting to go crazy! Well, it’s all thanks to Chimera Antares’ eye.

However, Real Nua won’t leave the scene until he punches Yuri Flostre in the gut. Bastard doctor! Well everyone, things are getting out of hand in Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan.

With Yuri out of commission (and still in danger), how will Kanata Age and the E-601 Fireteam stop Dr. Real Nua from becoming a monster and doing further damage? Find out next week… if Diomedia has time and power to progress the plot further!

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