Gakkou Gurashi Episode #09

Well everyone, seems that Yuki didn’t encounter Megu-nee at the end of last week’s episode. Good for her ’cause Yuki is not ready to face Sakura-sensei yet!

On the other hand, it’s a pool episode even though they’re standing on a water tank!

But hey, at least it’s a better alternative instead of going down towards the real pool.

In any case, the School Living Club are doing their summer outing at the rooftop, ranging from swimming, beach volleyball…

…to a soak-fest between Kurumi and Yuuri-san. Unfortunately, there’s no clear winner between these two girls!

Meanwhile, Miki finally got acquainted with Taroumaru after being snubbed countless times. Are you happy now, Mii-kun? I’m sure she is!

Anyways, their summer outing has ended as they’re planning to go down towards the basement.

And speaking of going to the basement, I don’t think their exploration down there will be smooth-sailing as Megu-nee is waiting…

Also, Taroumaru went down the basement by itself so I have a feeling that it’ll have a worse fate for that dog next week!

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