Highschool DxD BorN – Light Novel to Anime Comparison

Hey guys and girls, I was so bored after watching the final episode of Highschool DxD BorN and while many of the viewers have mixed reactions, I’ve decided to read the novels for the time being.

So with that said, it’s time for a special post where it shows the differences between the 3rd season and the light novel series. While previous seasons have spot-on adaptation (with few differences), Ichiei Ishibumi made Highschool DxD BorN very different by adapting three novels instead of two and adding some plot elements from Volume 8.

And since I’m talking about the novel, I should recommend reading it first before reading this post. Also, kudos to Baka-Tsuki for the light novel illustrations.

1. Volume 5

Let’s start things off with Volume 5 where the Occult Research Club went to the underworld and train there. And while the anime adapted most of the scenes such as Koneko Toujou meeting her sister Kuroka and Issei’s attaining the Welsh Dragon Balance Breaker by poking Rias’ nipples (minus the body buff unfortunately), there’s one thing that missed out from the light novels.

So instead of taking on the Khaos Brigade once their training is done, they’re preparing themselves for a Rating Game against Kuoh Academy’s Student Council. At first it’ll be a one-sided match as Rias Gremory and her companions are stronger and some of them attained Balance Breaker, but it wasn’t meant to be as Sona Sitri and her staff can out-smart them as compensation for their lack of strength.

In short, the likes Xenovia Quarta and Issei Hyoudou are vulnerable against counter-attacks from either Tsubaki Shinra’s Mirror Alice or Reversal Magic from one of the bishops. And believe me, seeing Xenovia defeated by counters was the most embarrassing moment during that Rating Game. At least she gave Kiba her Durandal sword before retiring out!

Meanwhile, the battle between Issei Hyoudou and Genshiro Saji was the most awesome part aside from attaining Balance Breaker. Unfortunately, his powers were limited as per rules of the Rating Game so he’s struggling to beat Saji-kun as he don’t want to destroy buildings and stuff.

Speaking of Saji-kun, while he’s somewhat weaker compared to the Red Dragon Emperor and was knocked out after getting back up again, he managed to drain Issei’s blood supply using one of Vritra’s Sacred Gear called Absorption Line, forcing the Red Dragon Emperor to retire due to blood loss. Despite this, Issei has one last card to play as he used Pailingual to find the real Sona Sitri before being booted out. Oh yeah, and that’s the first time he used that move before being banned by the Rating Game committee.

In the end though, Rias Gremory and the Occult Research Club won their first Rating Game against Sona Sitri and the Student Council. However, it came at a price as half of Rias’ team were wiped out, so it’s a wake-up call for them as having superpowers won’t guarantee victories. But you know what, I think this Rating Game should be made as a 1-hour special just to please those haters who are disappointed on the third season!

2. Volume 6

For Volume 6, the adaptation was spot-on with a few differences. The Oppai Dragon song which was featured in the light novels to calm Issei Hyoudou down, was cut in the anime as it wasn’t appropriate when you have someone like Asia Argento “died” in front of him and the rest pf the Occult Research Club. While it’s not present in the anime, Rias Gremory got a new nickname from Bikou called “Switch Princess”, which her breasts saved Issei-kun from his Juggernaut Drive state.

Apart from that, there are few additions that makes the anime adaptation of Volume 6 more memorable. This includes Vali Lucifer transforming into his Juggernaut Drive state, and Raynare tormenting Issei beyond her grave. After all, she’s the one who cause Issei-kun to hesitate on advancing his relationship with Rias-sempai!

But in any case, I’m glad that Ishibumi-san changed that as it’s the most memorable event that happened in Highschool DxD BorN, way better than the light novel version. As for the Oppai Song though, it was used as an ending theme on the final episode where it featured the athletics competition. And one more thing, Asia kissed Issei after the three-legged race, but it already happened in Ep. 10.

3. Volume 7

Moving onto Volume 7 where TNK’s handling of it got mixed reviews among fans, especially the light novel readers. While there are some tidbits from the light novel that didn’t make the cut like Rias Gremory being a Japanophile, Koneko Toujou is interested in sex, and Azazel-sensei talking to Issei about sacrifices during rating games and Ddraig’s curse, let’s talk about two important events that were changed by Ishibumi-sensei when Volume 7 was adapted to Highschool DxD BorN.

Let’s start with Loki’s involvement in the anime series who showed great promise by mortally wounding Issei Hyoudou thanks to Fenrir’s fangs (which is so dramatic), but it went sour as Loki chose to make a doppelganger of the Red Dragon Emperor and freeze himself.

Regarding the battle against the prankster Norse god and his puppies in the novel version, I have to say that it was intense where the combined forces of the Occult Research Club, Vali Team, and Kuoh Academy’s Student Council couldn’t easily beat Loki and his wolves like Fenrir. But let’s talk about the outcome later…

…as I talk about Akeno Himejima, who wants Issei to take her virginity. While the events that unfolded are almost identical, raging from Akeno’s date with Issei-kun to the Pailingual scene, it seems that the light novel version is more profound than the anime version as her true feelings was relayed to Baraqiel and they managed to fight together as child and parent.

Finally, it’s time for the outcome against Loki as the battle turned around when Vali, Albion (or should I say the Butt Dragon Emperor or Oshiri Dragon), and the rest of his team successfully captured Loki’s pet wolf.

Afterwards, Loki faced a humiliating defeat thanks in part with Genshiro Saji’s last-minute arrival (as a badass black dragon king Vritra), and the Breast God who not only help resolve Akeno’s strained relationship with Baraqiel, but it lend Issei a hand on beating that prankster Norse god! With that said, the light novel version is better than the anime version.

4. Volume 8

And now let’s talk about Volume 8 as Ishibumi-sensei adapted some elements from that volume for the last 3 episodes of BorN. By the way, Volume 8 is a collection of side stories and I already covered both stories from that volume, so there’s no need to cover that up on this post.

But let’s talk briefly some of the short stories on that volume starting with Memory of Oppai, where Issei Hyoudou learned to love breasts by meeting an old man who tells perverse stories until he was arrested by police. On the other hand, my gut feeling told me that Highschool DxD NEW Ep. 13 was inspired by that short story but it’s just my imagination.

The rest of the stories are mostly parodies of famous Weekly Shonen Jump manga titles such as Breasts of Tennis (based on Prince of Tennis) and Hell Teacher Azazel (based on Hell Teacher Nube). While Breasts of Tennis is basically tennis, Hell Teacher Azazel shows how awesome the governor of Fallen Angels is, like finding ingredients to revert both Rias Gremory and Asia Argento back to normal!

Lastly, let’s talk about the last two short stories that were adapted to Episodes 10 to 12: 300 Issei and The Fun Gremory Family. In regards to Loki making a doppelganger of the Red Dragon Emperor, that came from 300 Issei where instead of 300 Issei Hyoudou clones attacking girls (minus the “What is your profession?” and “This is SPARTA!” catch-phrase), only one evil clone was created to brainwash Rias-sempai and forced Issei-kun to fight her.

As for The Fun Gremory Family, that’s the most interesting of the bunch as both Issei Hyoudou and Rias Gremory conquer various tests and finishing the ceremony together at the Gremory Family’s Ruins of Connection, including an awesome fight against the Four Great- I mean the Satan Rangers!

While that short story wasn’t featured in the anime, there’s one element implemented to HSDxD BorN as Ajuka Beelzebub adjusted Issei Hyoudou’s evil piece so that the Red Dragon Emperor can unlock new powers sub-consciously, like the twin cannons that was featured in Ep. 12. Of course, Issei won’t remember that however as it’s reserved to future seasons.

5. What comes next?

And speaking of future seasons, it’s time for me to talk about the future of Highschool DxD. So while TNK will adapt the next two light novel volumes if that would happen, here’s what to expect more in the upcoming fourth season like the appearance of the Khaos Brigade’s Hero Faction, the Rating Game against Sairaorg Bael and his servants, and Issei Hyoudou’s relationship with Rias Gremory as he must overcome his trauma from Raynare (which was established in Highschool DxD BorN).

On another note, there’s an OVA episode of Highschool DxD BorN coming up at the end of this year in which it’ll adapt one of the short-stories from Volume 13 (Yeah, I did some sequence breaking here and there). And lastly, there a spin-off written by the author himself that’ll somewhat fix Highschool DxD BorN called DxD EX, so I’m looking forward to the translated version of that spin-off!

But that’s about it for this special post. While Highschool DxD BorN is somewhat rocky due to changes done by Ishibumi-sensei, at least he did something to look forward to for Season 4. In any case, time to hit the books again!

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