Charlotte Episode #10

Shunsuke Otosaka, the man who founded a society that protects teens with powers from those nasty scientists!

But after using his time-leaping powers too much, Shunsuke become blind and he couldn’t use it again. Good thing he founded Hoshinoumi Academy after using his powers one last time!

Now back to the present as Shunsuke told Yuu that he can “plunder” other abilities and use it on his own, all while leaving the person powerless as his/her ability was stolen.

In any case, Shunsuke wants Yuu to get his powers to save Ayumi. However, it’s impossible to steal Shunsuke’s powers as Yuu’s brother is currently blind. However, there’s a way to get that time-leaping ability just by directly touching Shunsuke.

With that, Yuu touched Shunsuke in which he got his brother’s time-leaping powers. And so, Yuu goes back a few days earlier…

…where Ayumi Otosaka was alive and her powers are yet to be awakened. With no time to waste, Yuu Otosaka steals Ayumi’s collapse powers right away!

With Ayumi’s powers now at the hands of Yuu, there’s one thing left to do.

And that’s saving his sister from this yandere Konishi. Good job there Yuu-kun, but it’s not over yet!

That’s because Yuu wants to teach Konishi a lesson by scaring her with his newly-founded ability from Ayumi. Great, but there’s more..

…as Nao Tomori puts even more misery onto Konishi just by cutting her bangs undetected.

Yeah, that’ll teach Konishi on not to hurt anyone, including Ayumi Otosaka!

With that said, Ayumi is finally saved thanks to Yuu Otosaka. Now it’s up to him on telling Shunsuke what happened after this rescue since he couldn’t remember Yuu getting his time-leaping powers.

Anyways, three episodes to go…

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