GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #10

Well, looks like Rory’s advances to Lt. Itami was interrupted by his cellphone. Thank god for that as Rory Mercury will focus on dealing with other guests!

And it appears that the United States are not the only one who are barging in, as the Itami’s group will have to deal with Chinese and Russian special operatives!

Then again, it’ll be over very quick as they’ll try to kill each other amidst the confusion…

…as well as this immortal demigod who is pleased to have sacrifices on her table!

I’m sorry for those three special forces who wanted to kidnap those representatives from the Special Region, seems that their bullets are nothing against Rory-sama!

In any case, Lt. Youji Itami and his group escaped the inn unharmed, all while leaving dead bodies along the way. Well, it’s their fault for over-estimating them!

While they got away from opposing forces, they’re not out from danger yet as they must return to the Special Region in order to be safe.

So they decided to go to Ginza anyway and head straight towards the gate, but not before making some final preparations as Shino met her little sister Nanami who is a rookie reporter.

Oh yeah and Shino said “Hi!” to her mother in front of the camera, no to mention telling the audience that she got attacked during their stay at Hakone by some foreign forces!

That prompted the Japanese authorities to arrest the remaining US Special Forces for violating international law.

So with that said, the president of the United States got fucked up real bad! Remember this, the author has right-wing political beliefs so it’s not surprising that America is being treated as an enemy!

As for the leaders of both Russia and China respectively, they didn’t suffer a breakdown much as they pull their troops out, realizing that they can’t mess with the Japanese.

Yeah, even the Russian president was impressed about the tenacity of the Japanese while drinking a cup of liquor (it’s not vodka by the way).

In any case, Lt. Itami and his group safely returned to the Special Region after laying flowers at the memorial in Ginza. Well, except for Risa-san as she stayed in Japan due to her commitment on making doujinshi!

While all’s well that ends well, Princess Piña wants to make peace with Japan for the Empire’s sake as going an all-out war will be a worst-case scenario. Then again, she’s busy attempting to draw yaoi manga!

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