Working!!! Episode #10

This is Shizuka Takanashi, Souta’s mother and a politician who rarely goes home due to her busy schedule.

Oh yeah, and this pic? That was a few years ago when Souta was a “cute, little girl” back then!

Fast-forward into the present where Shizuka-san returned to the Takanashi household… in the most creepiest manner ever like barging into Souta’s room undetected!

Shizuka-san, I think you should tell your kids that you’re coming pretty late, and also try going into the front door instead of going into the window!

Meanwhile, Kozue is feeling depressed as she’s having bad memories of her mother not remembering her.

So the solution was get sobered until the pain goes away…

But it seems that Kozue-san got a little bit tipsy and climbed up to a lamp post. Well, that’s what she get when drinking too much alcohol!

Good thing Mitsuki and Youhei was there to help her out, as Kozue is somewhat lonely and she needed a companion to vent her frustration out.

So with that said, all’s well that ends well for Kozue-san. Of course, it’s just temporary as her mother Shizuka won’t notice nor recognize her anyway!

As for the Mashiba siblings, they got devastated afterwards. I guess that they pass out after grabbing Kozue-san!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post as Souta and Mahiru are starting to get intimate as seen with them grabbing that magic hand closer than usual.

Then again, Souta-kun is worried about his mother as Shizuka-san might reject Mahiru-chan either next week or the week after…

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