Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #10

Well, glad that Yuri Flostre is alive as she’s staying at the dorms…

…for the time being. Say, when did she become naked and who stripped her? I hope it’s not Kanata Age!

Meanwhile, the E-601 Fireteam are getting along just fine. Actually, only Rico and Lecty are getting friendly and trusting each other apart from having nice bodies.

That makes Misora jealous towards Rico and Lecty being buddies, as well as feeling a bit inferior as a leader and a sky wizard!

Seriously Misora Whitale, you’ll lose your next match if you act like that!

Anyways, it’s time for their first match. If Misora was defeated, the E-601 Fireteam loses and they’re disbanded afterwards.

While both Lecty and Rico are busy pushing the opposing team away from Misora, the leader of E-601 Fireteam is just stand there and do nothing which is better than doing something stupid.

However, I think Misora should start trusting her comrades and herself instead of moping around!

And so, it’s time to show those bitchy scrubs what she and her fireteam made off by firing a powerful Strike Blaster…

…that overwhelms the opposing team in a single hit! And that’s how the E-601 Fireteam got their first victory after so many losses.

Congrats to Misora, Rico, and Lecty for winning their first match. They deserve it!

Of course, it’s not over for these girls as there’s still a long way to go before reaching the finals of the Mistgun Tournament…

…unless Dr. Real Nua ruins it now that he’s hearing voices from the Chimera Antares’ eye.

Oh, and he’s injecting himself with body-enhancing drugs that make him go insane! Fuck, the penultimate episode would be a train-wreck that’s bound to happen!

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