Gakkou Gurashi Episode #10

Well, seems that it’s raining cats and dogs on this week’s episode. Let’s hope that nothing bad will happen… or is it?

Anyways, Kurumi went to the basement to find Taroumaru. While she finally found the dog, I’m hoping that it didn’t turn into one of them!

Nah forget it, I spoke too soon as Taroumaru got bitten and turned into a zombie! Damn, who did this?

Well, it turns out that it was Megu-nee who bit Taroumaru… and then she bit Kurumi in the arm. Fuck, that sucks!

In any case, it’s a big blow that the School Living Club is facing a crisis.

Should they found a cure down in the basement, it won’t be long for Kurumi as she might become a zombie at any minute!

Speaking of zombies, they’re coming towards the school building and they want to stay inside!

At this point, I have a feeling that Gakkou Gurashi will head towards an obvious downer ending on the next two episodes. After all, one of the writers from Nitroplus is involved on this series!

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  1. madreceiver says:

    Aaannnd everyone is dead now….

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