Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #10

Seems that Akane has decided to support Hika- I mean Light-chan on her idol career.

Also, Akane wants to see Sachiko since she wasn’t successful last time. Oh Akane-sama!

Meanwhile, Hikari is having trouble as she’s torn on revealing her real identity or keeping her idol facade.

In fact, revealing herself as part of the royal Sakurada family might have mixed reactions including Sachiko Yonezawa.

But you know what, Sacchan doesn’t care if she’s a princess or not. If Light is serious on being an idol, so be it for Sacchan!

After all, Sachiko made efforts on becoming what she is today. But in any case, that made Hikari feeling relieved on her concert together with Sacchan.

As for her reveal, I think Hikari will have to postpone it as she loves her idol career. Like I said last time, Hikari being an idol fits her better!

Moving onto the second part of this episode, where it featured Kanade and Shuu Sakurada.

While Shuu-chan seems carefree after moving on from that accident many years ago (not to mention having teleportation powers), Kanade couldn’t forget that as she wants to become a ruler so she can heal her twin brother’s leg.

Honestly, I think you should rely on your twin brother sometimes…

…especially when you’re about to get splattered by iron girdles. And despite his injuries, Shuu managed to save Kanade from certain death!

So Kanade, I guess that you’re even now with Shuu-chan, aren’t you? Just kidding, she’ll continue her quest on healing his brother’s leg by becoming the next ruler and do her best to upgrade medical research and technology.

Anyways, there’s another one coming up but that’ll be covered in later time, either tomorrow or just before the finale!

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