Charlotte Episode #11

“Hi Ayumi, I’m your big brother Shunsuke!”

“Pleased to meet you and let’s make new memories together!”

And Yuu Otosaka is getting jealous that his title of big brother is taken away by Shunsuke!

By the way, remember this old fellow who saved Yuu back in Episode 9? Well, this is Dr. Tsutsumiuchi and he’s somewhat alive.

Of course, he’s not here to have a chat with Yuu and Ayumi…

Dr. Tsutsumiuchi told Yuu the truth that his special powers (as well as countless others) came from a mysterious comet called Charlotte. Now you know why the title of this anime series is named after a comet!

Anyway, Dr. Tsutsumiuchi is making a vaccine so that teens won’t get superpowers anymore. Of course, there are some people who don’t want that to happen.

Like these people who wanted to use youngsters with superpowers for their nefarious deeds.

In fact, they threatened one of Shunsuke’s friends to bring someone to his circle and get information coming from that person.

Said person happened to be “Pooh” Kumagami, who got beaten up until he told them sub-consciously that there’s a person who can “plunder” other powers.

Yeah, I’m referring to Yuu Otosaka. But let’s face it, there’s no way that he’ll come out to his hiding place…

…until that evil group captured Nao Tomori. Wait, where’s Joujirou and Yusarin when she’s in danger?

Anyways, Yuu was forced to go to the enemy hideout all by himself. If he screwed up, Yuu can time-leap to safety right?

Not quite though as those baddies know how to render his time-leaping powers useless, just by cutting his right eye. Damn those bastards!

And with that, Yuu experienced so much pain that he used his collapse powers to destroy the whole abandoned factory!

Oh yeah, that said factory houses both Kumagami and Nao Tomori so they’ll get caught in this disaster.

But anyways, Shunsuke’s group came to the scene too late as the factory is already destroyed! Damn, why those baddies have to do this shit!?

Speaking of those baddies, they got caught in Yuu’s destructive rage although half of them got what they deserved! I wonder what happened to those two goons with powers?

Meanwhile, Yuu got rescued but his right eye got hurt pretty bad. But wait, what happened to both Nao Tomori and Kumagami?

Well, Nao-chan is fine but what about Kumagami? I’m sure that he’s fine after having his nails plucked out and his teeth knocked down!

Oh, seems that he protected Nao Tomori with his body… and died there on the spot. Oh the horror, even Shunsuke is shocked to see his friend killed!

Damn, what will Jun Maeda and P.A.Works do on the last two episode thanks to this mess?

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