GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #11

After what happened in Episode 10, Lt. Itami and his crew returned to the Special Region safe and sound. Of course, Princess Piña Co Lada is very busy dealing with peace negotiation between Japan and the Empire starting with exchanging of war prisoners.

Oh yeah and speaking of Japan, they’re ramping up their military strength as the lower house approved a bill that the Self-Defense Forces can fight outside of the country. My concern is that should Japan send their troops outside of the country, they’ll become very vulnerable against a potential invasion like China (which will not happen in the future I hope) or a terrorist threat like ISIS (which they don’t like pagan nor lewd things).

Meanwhile, things are getting better at Arnus. As you can see, it’s becoming a bustling town where the locals and visitors are interested on various things from Japan like this store that sells tools and other useful stuff!

On the other hand, seems that Rory is getting closer to Youji Itami. She wasn’t successful last time, but Rory is confident that she’ll seduce Youji and get laid this time around.

But then, Rory’s advances towards Youji was interrupted by this dark elf named Yao Ha Ducy.

In Yao’s eyes, seeing Lt. Itami flirting a little girl named Rory is evil despite the fact that Rory Mercury is 961 years old!

So, Yao Ha Ducy points her sword towards Lt. Itami for which he ran away without paying up his meal.

Oh by the way, it was revealed that Yao is searching for the men-in-green who wanted to save her people from a fire dragon. Then again, she missed the opportunity of asking the JSDF for help as Yao just scared the heck out of Youji Itami. Whoops!

Anyways, I think she’ll have another opportunity to ask them next time. With that, I see you again on the next episode!

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