Ore Monogatari!! Episodes #21 & #22

Hey guys and girls, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged Ore Monogatari!! and I have to play catch-up since it’ll end soon.

Anyways, here’s Takeo giving Rinko-chan some biscuits since it’s White Day.

As for the taste? Well, it’s not bad according to Yamato but it’s the love and effort that counts for Gouda’s biscuits.

In any case, let’s talk about a certain bespectacled girl who stalks on Makoto Sunakawa since kindergarten. That’s right, kindergarten!

Anyways, this is Yukika Amami and while she liked Sunakawa, Amami-san is too shy to confront Gouda’s best friend so resorts to looking him from afar.

But you know what, I think Takeo should help Yukika on winning Makoto’s heart…

…starting by confronting him face-to-face and telling Sunakawa on her true feelings.

They exchange contact numbers afterwards, but it’s just the beginning for Amami-san!

So, Takeo asked Rinko-chan for help like inviting both Yukika and Makoto on a group date. Don’t worry though, they’re not gonna go to MM Land like last time!

So instead, they went to a local zoo and it’s cheaper than going to an amusement part. Well, Amami-san wanted to go to a zoo anyway…

Even so, Yukika had fun when she partner-up with Makoto-kun in a quiz game.

It was a great time for both of them, but it seems that Amami-san felt inferior as she’s not worthy to become Suna’s girlfriend. In fact, Makoto is too nice to date him!

So, Yukika tried to forget Makoto-kun by staying away from him and deleting photos from her cellphone.

Good thing Takeo-kun has a built-in Amami Radar to detect her immediately. Just kidding about the radar part, but Gouda told Amami that he and Yamato don’t want her relationship with Suna left hanging.

C’mon Yukika, your time spent with Makoto is getting better each day, so don’t end it abruptly!

Anyways, Makoto called Yukika to come at the library and gave her chocolate as a “thank you” gift.

After all, he receive some chocolates from her (albeit anonymously) back in Valentine’s Day.

And when she received it, Amami told Suna that we should become friends… Wait what? Sure that being just friends is acceptable when you’re inside the school campus, but is she gonna stay as is it with Makoto-kun?

While their relationship is just getting started, I wish that they’ll eventually become a couple instead of remaining as friends!

But that’s about it for Episodes 21 and 22. I might blog Episode 23 next as Ore Monogatari!! will take a break. The series will return on September 24 in time for the finale.

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