Working!!! Episode #11

This is Kyouko Shirafuji, and this woman is being taken care of by Yachiyo-san as she’s freaking hungry all the time.

But you know what, she’s somewhat aware that Jun Satou is in love with Todoroki. But you know what, I think a push coming from Kyouko-san would be beneficial for Satou-kun!

Speaking of Satou-kun, he’s tasked on finding Yachiyo as she’s gone missing for odd reason. Good thing he found Todoroki-san…

…in the pantry, which she’s hiding in the basket for a long time!

So with no time to waste, Jun Satou told Yachiyo Todoroki that he loved her and he wants Yachiyo to be his girlfriend.

And when she heard Satou’s confession, Yachiyo was so happy that flowers bloom at the background. Oh A-1 Pictures!

Well guys and girls, a new couple was born in Wagnaria and everyone is happy about it… And then Jun Satou got a stomach-ache that’s so severe, he took a leave to recover after this event!

Regardless, I’m happy that both Satou and Todoroki became lovers and I’m hoping that it’ll be the same for both Souta Takanashi and Mahiru Inami!

Speaking of Katanashi-kun, he dressed himself as a girl to calm himself down since he’s somewhat in love with Inami-chan, but he’s hesitant to accept that and he couldn’t seal the deal.

Also, it’s been a long time since Souta dressed up as Kotori-chan! In any case, there’s two more episodes to go and the ending is fast approaching!

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  1. mirrorpurple says:

    Have been waiting for this ship to set sail since season 1… Its finally for real…

    /cri, sniff sniff

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