Durarara!!×2 Episode #22

Woah Anri-chan, you sure look sexy in that cosplay garb, but I’m disappointed that she didn’t wear a famous female Dengeki Bunko character like Asuna, Dokuro-chan, etc.

By the way, let me re-introduce a character from Season 1 asthis guy happened to be Haruna’s father named Shuju Niekawa.

A magazine reporter by trade, Shuji-san is looking for his estranged daughter while snooping information regarding Dollars. Honestly, I think he stay away from Dollars as the gang is in a power struggle between Mikado Ryuugamine and Izaya Orihara!

Meanwhile, here’s Aoba Kuronuma as he meet a certain person… or should I say an older sibling.

Said older sibling happened to be Izaya’s lackey named Ran Izumii. Oh yeah, and Ran has a history with Aoba as his life was ruined thanks to his younger bastard brother!

While he’s not gonna kill Aoba in broad daylight, I think Ran has other plans to humiliate and kill his brother… unless Aoba out-smarts him.

One last thing, here’s Kida-kun as he want to recruit Kadota and his friends to destroy Dollars and save Ryuugamine.

That’s a great idea coming from Masaomi, but I don’t think it’ll work out that way…

Oh, and someone is gonna run over for the lulz! I wonder who’s being targeted?

Oh wait, don’t tell me that Dotachin is gonna run over by a car!? No, it can’t be happening!

Damn, what will happen for Dollars now that Kadota is seriously injured? And with two episodes left, this second part of Durarara!!×2 is gonna end in a downer!

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