Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #11

Well, this is what Teru looks like if he became a king of Japan. Then again, it’s all just a dream and he’s too young to rule the country (apart from having eighth-grade syndrome).

Anyways, penultimate episode time and let’s start with a back-story courtesy of Akane Sakurada.

By the way, she has bodyguards but Akane just got away with her ability. So with that said, Akane-sama went to Karen-chan’s house to play…

…only to find out that her friend’s house is being ransacked by thieves!

So, Akane used her “Gravity Core” superpower to stop those burglars.

But she overdid her ability and destroyed Karen’s house. Anyways, Akane saved Karen from harm…

But then, she’s getting more attention in a bad way as people are gossiping over Akane’s handling of those burglars, some of which are negative in nature.

So with that, Akane couldn’t take the attention that she’s forever shy and awkward towards strangers. And due to that incident, her father and current king Souichirou-sama decides to install surveillance cameras all over Japan!

And speaking of Souichirou-sama, he got in an accident and he’s on his last breath. Just kidding, the king is not gonna die easily…

…as Souchirou-sama got a broken back for carrying Satsuki-sama like a princess.

Well, that’s sucks but what about his royal duties as Souichirou must be there?

Wait a minute, I feel that his kids should do various things as representatives of the royal family. You have Aoi-sama talking to various delegates from other countries…

…and Misaki doing a press conference by herself instead of her clones. Good for Misaki, and it’ll help her go up in the rankings!

There’s also Hikari and Shiori cleaning up the house, while Haruka and Kanade are doing office work. But wait, what about the rest of the siblings?

Well, Akane, Shuu, and Teru went to the countryside and help the villagers who got stuck due to landslide.

Given that they have superpowers it’s easy for them to solve this crisis quickly…

…like Teru clawing his way towards that massive road block. It’ll be a big boost for Teru-sama in the rankings!

For Shuu-sama, he transported a water tank trunk inside the evacuation facility. Well, that’s all he can do due to his broken leg!

As for Akane-sama, she’s doing small tasks like saving a cat. But wait, she’s not wearing glasses!

On the other hand, Akane doesn’t need glasses to hide her identity and help people in need, which is why she’s starting to become sociable again.

Anyways, can’t wait for the final episode as the royal election is coming up. On the other hand, I was wondering if there’s something fishy regarding Aoi’s unmovable position as the number one heir.

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