Symphogear GX Episode #11

Woah, seems then Genjuro-san and the SONG staff barely escaped after being attacked by Leiur’s golem. Thank goodness!

And with that, Chris Yukine finally destroyed Leiur’s golem. But then again, only Carol Malus Dienheim benefits Leiur’s defeat as she needs the cursed song to dissect the world.

And speaking of dissecting the world, it was a case of misinterpretation as Carol’s father told her on his last breath that she should explore the world, meaning that Carol should be act like a normal girl instead of a homicidal maniac bent on breaking everything!

By the way, Elfnein got hurt after protecting a staff with her body. On the other hand, I think the irony of this mess is that Elfnein is exploring the world as a “normal girl” while Carol just destroy it!

Meanwhile, Hibiki went to see his estranged father and try to reconcile. But you know what, it’s beyond help for Mr. Tachibana…

Also, it turned for the worst as Carol’s magnificent castle/weapon called Chateau du Tifauges has appeared.

Oh yeah, and Dr. Ver activated Carol’s castle. Sooner or later, he’ll back-stab that alchemist and took over the role as the main villain!

Just kidding, who wants him becoming the final boss when you have Carol Malus Dienhein and her magnificent alchemy!

Therefore, she did the back-stabbing towards Dr. Ver…

…and throw him down to the abyss. Well, there goes that crazy doctor/hero!

But you know what, if only Carol would just make him deader than dead like taking the Nephilim away from Dr. Ver!

After taking out Dr. Ver, Carol went down to the surface and try to kill Hibiki’s father, who’s scared shit and throw everything to fend her off!

Glad that he didn’t leave his ground or I’ll hate him so much for abandoning his daughter and save himself!

Oh yeah, and he gave Hibiki’s transformation trinket back. Thanks, Mr. Tachibana!

With that said, Hibiki transforms and proceeds to punch Carol to the face!

See, take that you asshole alchemist, you should become a normal girl instead!

And look, reinforcements. Thank goodness that Tsubasa-san is here…

…and so was the rest of the Symphogear users! Well then, it’s time for some epic asskicking coming from them.

But it seems that it’s Carol will do the asskicking as she can sing. What the fuck?

While I’m expecting Inori Minase to sing in her cute voice, but hearing her image song sounded mature!

In any case, her song of destruction is being reverberated by the Chateau and started its dissection using the leylines. And nothing’s gonna stop it…

…including Hibiki and her friends! At this point, it’s a worst-case scenario for the Symphogear users as the end of the world is starting.

Not on Maria’s watch though as she, Kirika, and Shirabe infiltrates the Chateau and stop dissecting the world…

…only to find themselves being defeated by a mere guard robot. I wonder who’s controlling it?

Wait, isn’t that Professor Nastassja? She supposed to be dead, right!?

Damn, what a a way to end this episode! In any case, see ya in Episode 12 and see if the Symphogear users can turn this battle around!

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