Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan Episode #11

It’s time for the penultimate episode where the E-601 Fireteam are on the roll towards the final match. Yeah, they didn’t lose after their first match ’cause I’ll be disappointed if they concede defeat!

Also, I think Diomedia should change it to “If they can’t win, E-601 platoon will be disbanded!” as they failed in writing proper English!

In any case, it’s time for the final match between Kanata’s E-601 against Yuri’s A-ranked fireteam!

For Yuri Flostre, she’s confident that the match is in the bag for her team. But you know what, I don’t think she’ll win though…

…as her A-227 Fireteam under-estimate Kanata’s E-601 Fireteam very much!

Honestly, Kanata Age is a better instructor than Yuri Flostre due to the fact that he trained his team hard and put his trust on Lecty, Rico, and Misora.

And speaking of Misora, I’m surprised that she improved by a large margin. As you can see, she’s not as dumb as before as Misora tricked the opposition…

…setting up a decisive attack to win this championship match. Well, it’s Yuri’s fault for being over-confident as the A-227 Fireteam lost to an underdog team!

Hell, even Rico’s big (and haughty) sister couldn’t believe it that a traitor and his ragtag bunch of misfits won the Mistgun Tournament!

Sorry naysayers, but E-601 Fireteam is the champion of this tournament and now it’s time to celebrate…

That’s until Dr. Real Nua interrupted the victory party. Oh yeah, and he’s not only floating but he’s emitting the same aura as Kanata Age due to influences from the Chimera Antares.

Come to think of it, I wonder if his body has Chimera parts that Kanata didn’t go insane unlike Dr. Nua?

But for now, it’s time for that traitorous instruction to say “Hands off to Yuri, she’s mine!” and back that crazy doctor off with his hand.

Yeah, it’s gonna be a hectic final episode next week!

Speaking of next week, I think those girls want to join in and beat the shit out of Dr. Real Nua for good!

One more thing, if their Mistgun Tournament victory didn’t counted, I’ll be fuckin’ disappointed!

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