Gakkou Gurashi Episode #11

There’s no need to sugar-coat this series ’cause it’s sinking deeper into despair!

Speaking of despair, Yuuri-san tries to kill Kurumi-chan before she becomes a zombie. However, she couldn’t do the deed despite promising to Kurumi that she’ll kill her if Ebisuzawa is infected.

Meanwhile, Mii-kun decides to go down to the basement and get the antidote instead of moping around.

Good thing Kurumi’s shovel is very handy on deflecting zombie along the way! But with that, Miki reaches the basement…

…only to find Sakura-sensei waiting to attack Mii-kun at any minute. With no time to waste, Mii-kun grabs her shovel and hit Megu-nee in the head.

Yeah, this is the final moment where Sakura-sensei finally rest in peace. And also, this is the first and last time Mii-kun met Megu-nee.

It’s sad to see it, but she has no choice but to carry on!

Anyways, Miki got the antidote from the basement. But with zombies already inside Megurigaoka High School, she’s trapped and time is running out!

Speaking of carrying on, Yuki got a reality check after realizing that Megu-nee is dead all along and she has to accept it.

C’mon, pretending that she’s living a colorful school live is already over!

But anyways, Yuki went towards the hallway ’cause she heard Megu-nee’s voice, telling her to go to the broadcasting room.

Whether she does something heroic or not inside the broadcasting room, the important thing is that Gakkou Gurashi is heading towards its conclusion. Will this series end where everyone died in vain or will they live on for another day?

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