Joukamachi no Dandelion Episode #12

Well, it’s nice for Akane-sama to become the next ruler of the country, yet she’s still shy after starting to get some attention… in a good way!

Anyways, it’s time for the main event: The royal election!

While the royal siblings are preparing for their speech, seems that Aoi-sama wants announce something first…

After further consideration and some convincing by her parents, Aoi Sakurada announced her withdrawal from the elections and told her true ability “Absolute Order” to the general public.

Also, Aoi-sama wants to live her life as a normal girl when she attends university. So anyway, what’s the reaction on her announcement?

Well, her announcement met with positive results including her friends and her siblings. Good for Aoi-sama and I’m glad that she won’t suffer anything when she becomes the queen! Also, there’s nothing fishy going on the eve of the elections.

Speaking of elections, let’s get on with it…

But wait, seems that someone is sabotaging the election by crashing the castle with a blimp. Fuck, this is too soon!

Somebody stop this blimp from crashing down!

Don’t worry though as the Sakurada siblings will take care of this crisis. Oh yeah, and it seems that the pilot is suffering heart problems and he’s seeking immediate medical attention.

Luckily, Shuu-sama transports the pilot to safety and take over the controls, while assuring the citizens that he and his siblings will save them from this disaster.

Oh, and he brought Shiori to assist him on piloting the blimp, all while Akane-sama tries to safely descend it with her “Gravity Core” ability.

Speaking of Akane, I’m hoping that no one would see her panties up there!

Meanwhile, the rest of the siblings are doing other things like evacuating the citizens as seen with Misaki and Hika- I mean Light-chan!

Speaking of Light, I think she’ll tell the truth eventually that she’s Hikari-sama, although it’s not clear on whether she’ll perform again or not.

For Haruka’s role, he’s using his “Lots of Next” ability to find the best spot for the blimp to land safely and not crash like the Hindenburg!

He found a nice landing spot, but he needs more help in order to avert this crisis.

So, Kanade-sama made a giant net to catch the blimp using her own money. It costs her a fortune so Kanade will have to deposit more money after this mess!

With that said, the blimp is ready for a safe landing…

However, Teru-sama will have to land the blimp to a river bank using his immerse strength. But hey, nobody got injured after this incident so it’s all good for the Sakurada siblings and the general public.

Speaking of the general public, I wonder which candidate they vote for this royal election?

Well in a bit of surprise, Shuu becomes the next ruler of the country after solving the crisis by saving the pilot’s life and landing the blimp safely (with the help of his siblings of course).

But hey, I’m glad that Shuu finally achieves his dream of becoming king.

Also, I’m hoping that he’ll marry Hana-chan once they got older. I mean, he introduced her to his parents after the election!

Meanwhile, the rest of the sibling go off to their separate paths like Aoi moving away to attend a national university, all while Shiori and Teru stayed at the castle to study more until they matured enough!

Oh yeah, and it seems that Kanade is dedicating her time to study medicine, while Misaki becoming the student council president (with Haruka as her secretary).

Don’t worry though, they’re still together in the end!

And lastly, let’s not forget Akane-sama as her life is somewhat better but she’s still shy towards the camera! Don’t tell Shuu-chan to remove the surveillance cameras when he becomes the king of the country.

But that’s all folks for Joukamachi no Dandelion. I gotta say that this Manga Time Kirara series has some character development other than showing their powers, apart from having good animation unlike Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu.

Overall, it’s a fun and amusing series to watch and I feel that there’s no need for another season of Joukamachi no Dandelion, even though I wanted to as I wanna see Akane grow. With that said, it’s time to say good-bye to the Sakurada royal family. Farewell and godspeed!

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