GATE: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri Episode #12

Yao Ha Ducy, the dark elf who’s seeking the men-in-green for help in order to save her clan from a rouge (and still injured) red dragon!

Too bad for Yao though as she caused more trouble in Arnus due to the fact that she’s being misunderstood, especially when finally saw the JSDF only to find out that they can’t speak her language properly. By the way, enjoy a bowl of “Khatsu-dum” while she’s being interrogated!

Luckily, Yao got her chance when she met Lelei La Lalena during her interrogation, which this pint-size magician can do her interpretation duties for General Hazama.

Nice timing though but there’s one problem…

It turns out that General Hazama couldn’t just order his troops to save her clan, as conducting operations outside the Empire’s borders without permission is considered as a declaration of war, as well as getting serious repercussions back home.

Also it’s ironic as the revised security bill was recently passed, where Japan can protect its allies at the cost of being subjected to a potential invasion by China or North Korea (if they can put up a fight that is).

Sorry Yao Ha Ducy, unless you befriended Youji Itami by chance I think that he can help you out. But you scared him away so it’s all your fault!

Speaking of Lt. Itami, he was joined by Kouji Sugawara from the Personnel Ministry of Foreign Affairs as they’ll secretly meet a group of knights from the empire.

Said group turned out to be Piña Co Lada’s Rose-Order of Knights. And as you can see, she’s freaking mad that he didn’t brought a collection of artwork from Japan!

Yeah, and I’m talking about yaoi manga straight from Toranoana, Animate, or any manga bookstore that sells this stuff. It costs an arm and a leg to get those BL manga, you rotten princess!

While she’s doing her best to make peace between Japan and the Empire, I think that’ll be it for GATE as the series will return in January 2016. Maybe in the second half, Lt. Itami can save Yao’s dark elf clan and kill that red dragon for good!

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