Working!!! Episode #12

Well it seems that Souta Takanashi is still wearing that Kotori garb, but it looks like someone’s stomach is rumbling loudly inside Wagnaria.

But wait, Kyouko-san wasn’t hungry as she’s eating Taiyaki so who is it?

Oh, it’s Aoi Yamada as she’s going on a diet by not eating any food. Seriously, having an empty stomach won’t do good for Aoi-chan as she’s growing! Also, she wants to become responsible and hard-working.

By the way, Jun Satou is back after recovering from his stomachache. Too bad though as he won’t be seeing Yachiyo Todoroki soon as she’ll quit her job and placing Popura Taneshima as the new chief waitress!

Speaking of Yamada, Kirio has returned to see Mahiru-chan…

…only to get distracted by *ahem* Kotori-chan! Just kidding, Kirio knows that Kotori is Souta as he just playing along with his cross-dressing shenanigans.

Oh, and Kirio knows him since they were kids. That’s sucks!

So Koto- I mean Souta-kun just beat Kirio for being a shameful cross-dresser… and Inami-san saw what it happened.

Well, Aoi’s idiotic brother deserved this beating! Of course, I’m worried about Souta’s relationship with Mahiru-chan as his mother might intervene but we’ll get to that later!

Finally, here’s Souma-san. Ah, isn’t it sad that he didn’t get any screen-time as Working!!! is ending soon…

By the way, I’m sorry that Popura-chan didn’t appear on this post so apologies for not including her.

Also, he dropped his secret stash of voyeur pictures which he got punished as a result.

Good thing both Katanashi-kun and Satou-san didn’t burn those pics outside the restaurant. Also, there’s no picture of that certain extra who only show up at the final episode!

Speaking of final episode, this series is now reaching its grand finale. Oh yeah, and Souta’s mom just appeared at the changing room in the creepiest manner ever!

I wonder what will be her reaction if her son just got a girlfriend like Mahiru Inami, even though they’re not yet an official couple.

Souta-kun, this series is closing soon so you have to admit that you’re in love with Mahiru-chan!

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