Charlotte Episode #12

Looks like Shunsuke is in mourning today as he laments on Kumagami’s death, just like what happened to his brother Yuu.

In any case, they got fucked up last week and Yuu can’t use his time-leaping powers anymore!

Speaking of Yuu Otosaka, he’s fine and still recovering. He can’t use his right eye however so it’s sucks for him!

On the other hand, Yuu got better as he’s being visited by his friends to cheer him up, like Takajou-kun who feeds Otosaka with beef tongue curry.

I hope that Joujirou is fine after getting that special curry from Hoshinoumi Acamedy’s school cafeteria!

There’s also Yusa Kuro- I mean Nishimori as she served Yuu with cream stew. But you know what, she should go to her parents house ’cause her ghost sister Misa wants to pass on by talking to her mom and dad for one last time.

Afterwards, Misa finally talked to her parents at her home since there’s no second chances!

And finally, here’s Ayumi as she gives her brother with a special home-made omelet, smothered with Otosaka’s secret pizza sauce!

Come to think of it, is this a feeding anime now written by Jun Maeda? C’mon, where’s the mystery and suspense!?

Oh wait, seems that the plot has returned as Nao Tomori got discharged quickly.

Of course since this anime series is ending soon, seems that Yuu Otosaka has a plan that’ll solve this ability crisis.

In any case, he decides to go around the world and take all of the superpowers by himself. But just before he goes on an all-or-nothing mission, Yuu-kun confessed his feelings to Nao Tomori. Yeah, saying “I love you!” to Tomori is a sign that Otosaka might die soon as capturing all superpowers might make him go insane and destroy himself.

So on the last episode, I’m worried that Maeda-san might wrap this series up in a horrible manner or hook us with the second half of Charlotte, which will not happen for P.A.Works and ASCII Media Works!

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