Durarara!!×2 Episode #23

Oh look, it’s Akabayashi-san as he and his fellow henchmen from Awakusu-kai are now intervening on Dollars’ internal strife, since Kadota-san got caught in a hit-and-run that he fell into a coma.

Anyways, who told him to meddle into a colorless gang’s affairs?

Oh, it’s Izaya and he just dragged a bunch of yakuza for the lulz. Damn, you’re adding more fuel to the fire by selling Mikado’s real identity to Akabayashi-san!

Actually, Mizuki Akabayashi was ordered by his boss Haruya Shiki to investigate the Dollars upon Shuji Niekawa’s request. And when Akabayashi asked someone for help regarding Dollars, he went to Izaya Orihara.

Meanwhile for Dollars, Mikado, Aoba, and the remnants of the Blue Squares are struggling to find a person that’ll represents their gang.

Since Shizuo quit Dollars while Kyohei-san is in the hospital, there’s only one person who will become the face of Dollars…

And that’s the headless rider Celty Sturluson, which Aoba called her to become the representative in place of Kyohei Kadota.

But you know what, being the representative would pose her great risks as Celty might not only pursued by police, but rival organizations like Masaomi Kida’s Yellow Scarves which it was revived after being taken over by Horada back in Season 1, the Awakusu-kai, and Anri Sonohara’s Saika followers.

Yeah, this ain’t a three-way stand-off anymore as Ikebukuro will become a battlefield once more!

On the other hand, there are some people who won’t get caught in this brewing rumble. One example is Seiji’s sister Namie Yagiri, who got captured by one of Yodogiri’s friends…

…which turned out to be her dear uncle Seitarou. Oh, and he wants Celty’s severed head back which is why he kidnap his niece.

But you know what, Seitarou won’t get what he wants as Izaya Orihara has Celty’s head. In any case, it’s onto the final episode and I hope that it won’t turned out badly before returning to January 2016!

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