Gakkou Gurashi Episode #12

Well guys and girls, everything must come to an end for Yuki Takeya and the rest of Megurigaoka High School’s School Living Club!

As you can see, she’s going to the broadcasting room all while fending off zombies by any means. Once Yuki reaches her destination…

…she was stopped by them and she’s about to get infected. At this point, it’s gonna be a downer ending for Gakkou Gurashi.

But that’s until Taroumaru came to the rescue. Even though that dog got infected back in Ep. 11, Taroumaru still remembers Yuki as he pushed that zombie away.

Yeah, good job Taroumaru but Yuki should lock him up first. C’mon, getting near a zombified animal might pose great risk like being bitten and turning into a zombie just like Kurumi!

In any case, the broadcasting equipment is still functional as Yuki told them that it’s time to go home. Phew, glad that Yuki did it!

And thanks to Yuki’s efforts, Miki Naoki finally delivered to vaccine to Kurumi just in the nick of time. Yeah, there’s still hope and I can feel it!

Anyways, the students from Megurigaoka High School went home even though their loved ones are already dead. It’s better than being coop up inside where there’s nothing to do but walk around and eat people.

As for the School Living Club, it was a sigh of relief as they won’t have to deal against a horde of zombies anymore.

Also, seems that Kurumi Ebisuzawa recovered from her zombification. Of course, there’s a question of whether the vaccine can stop it permanently or not.

But one thing is clear that Kurumi is saved and Yuuri Wakasa felt relieved about it. See, Rii-san is getting teary-eyed that she won’t have to kill her best friend anymore.

Meanwhile, they applied the vaccine on Taroumaru. But it’s already too late as the dog died on Mii-kun’s lap. And for all of his heroic acts, Taroumaru didn’t last long…

Also, Taroumaru’s death hits Mii-kun pretty hard after becoming friends back in Ep. 10. And the only that dog said to Miki Naoki is “thank you!” before passing away.

In any case, Taroumaru was buried at the spot where Megu-nee’s grave stands. Even if Taroumaru came back from the dead due to the virus, he won’t be the same dog as before.

And now, it’s time for the climatic event as the School Living Club held a graduation ceremony.

Since they can’t stay at Megurigaoka High School for much longer, they decided to graduate from their school and head towards the great outdoors where they search for a new home.

But that’s about it for Gakkou Gurashi. I have to say that Lerche did a great job and it’s a step forward from their previous titles like Unbreakable Machine-doll. And while it was slow-paced thanks to adding flash-backs, I feel that it was a good decision because without those flash-backs, Gakkou Gurashi might end in a horrible manner.

I’m also glad that they didn’t rush this adaptation to the latest chapter from the manga, as Gakkou Gurashi is becoming more depressed over-time. Good thing Lerche made this beautiful ending instead of a downer one!

In any case, it’s time for the School Living Club to move out and find a safe place to camp out until help arrives.

And as for a possible second season, I feel that it would become a possibility given that it was a surprise hit. However, I feel that it doesn’t need another as the series might turn darker and edgier for a Manga Time Kirara title!

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