Ore Monogatari!! Episodes #23 & #24

Well guys and girls, sorry for the one-week delay on posting Episode 23. However, I’m going to combine both Eps. 23 and 24 on this single post instead.

Also, there’s a reason why I’ll blog both episodes in a single post is because not only Rinko Yamato got a part-time job at a pastry shop…

…but she’s getting the attention of a pastry chef named Kouki Ichinose, who fell in love with Yamato at first sight.

So much that he get distracted easily upon looking at Rinko. Or maybe it’s the opposite as Kouki-san got inspired by Yamato’s cuteness, that he’s getting better at making pastries!

Anyways, Ichinose approached to Gouda-kun and tell him to break up with Yamato, ’cause he believes that he’s better than Takeo. And by the way, Makoto Sunakawa is just passing-by…

Also, he wants to have Rinko for the pastry-making competition. But you know what, Ichinose only has the good looks and his pastry-making skills. Nothing amazing about that!

Therefore, Gouda-kun told Ichinose-san that he won’t let have Rinko-chan! That’s right Takeo, challenge him like a man even though you’re not joining the competition!

Speaking of the competition, it’s going to start soon but it seems that Ichinose left the tools he needed at the shop.

Well, Kouki-san got so serious on getting Rinko-chan after winning gold that he forgot his pâtissier kit!

But don’t worry though, Rinko has a better idea. All she needs is call Takeo-kun and deliver the package before the competition starts!

And look, it’s delivered just in time. Honestly Ichinose-san, you shouldn’t underestimate Takeo Gouda as he can do the impossible!

With that said, Kouki Ichinose is ready to make the best pastry… And he did made the best one that earned him the gold medal called “Rinko”, which is obviously named after Rinko Yamato.

But honestly, I think that it was his ability that helped him earned top recognition and not Takeo’s girlfriend. And speaking of Takeo’s girlfriend, Rinko still loves him so it’s sad for Kouki-san.

I think Ichinose would be better off making great pastries so that people will be delighted when they eat it!

In any case, that’s it for Ore Monogatari!! as I show you Rinko Yamato being hugged by Takeo Gouda for one last time. And by the way, Takeo-kun finally called his girlfriend by her given name so it’s an upgrade for their relationship!

But that’s about it for this anime series by Madhouse. Damn, this show was so sweet that it tastes like diabetes when watching it. Apart from that, I like how Takeo’s relationship with Rinko got some progression as well as inspiring countless others. And while Takeo’s physical feats are amazing, I’m surprised that he’s getting a bit wiser after dating Rinko-chan.

So with that said, it’s time for me to say good-bye to Takeo-kun, Rinko-chan, and their friends! While I want another season, I think the ending for Ore Monogatari!! is fine as it is!

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