Yuruyuri Nachuyachumi!+ Episode #02

So everyone, do you like more Yuruyuri in time for the 3rd Season? Well, there’s one more!

On the other hand, seems that Sakurako wants to become generous despite being lazy.

Anyways, let’s start the second episode with Kyouko challenging Yui to a game of Not-Smash Bros. on the 2DS. Wait, Nintendo already has the 2DS but whatever!

But as you can see from the game footage as well as Kyouko’s reaction, it’s pretty clear that she’s 10 years too early to beat Yui!

While Yui’s apartment is getting busy now that Akari and Chinatsu came over, let’s go to Oomuro residence where Sakurako and Himawari are having a sleep-over…

Oh yeah, and they invite both Ayano Sugiura and Chitose Ikeda for some curry, although it seems that Sakurako didn’t invite her siblings for a curry party.

Speaking of Sakurako, she made curry all by herself.

But then again, she’s serving too much that Ayano-sempai couldn’t take it! Um Sakurako, Ayano is satisfied with your curry.

Now then, let’s get back to Yui’s apartment…

…where they playing Not-Animal Crossing on the 2DS. This time, they’re playing a bug-catching game online and it seems that the Amusement Club are competing against the student council.

Of course, it seems that the game would be a long one given that both Kyouko and Sakurako are digging up dirt, trapping their respective team-mates in the process. Oh bother!

Now let’s go back to the Oomuro residence where Sakurako fell asleep after a whole day of serving up guests. Well, that’s good for her!

Meanwhile back at Yui’s apartment, they’re trying to put Kyouko-chan to sleep and take a picture of her sleeping face, starting with a lullaby by Akarin~!

But it seems that Akari fell asleep instead. Gee Akarin, you need to stay away if you want to make a comeuppance against TOSHINO KYOUKO!

In the end though, they finally took a picture of Kyouko’s sleeping face. You know what, she’ll just beat them by capturing their sleeping faces with a video camera or the video capture feature on her cellphone.

But that’s about it for Yuruyuri Nachuyachumi!+ as it’s time to prepare for the 3rd Season!

And now, I’ll end this post as Ayano share her special pudding to Sakurako. Thanks a lot…

But it seems that Sakurako will just eat all of it. Sorry to burst your bubble there, Ayano Sugiura!

Anyways, see ya in October for the 3rd Season of Yuruyuri!

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