Charlotte Episode #13

Well everyone, it’s time for the finale of Jun Maeda’s latest anime series. And you know what, it’s going to be ugly from now on…

Anyways, Yuu Otosaka vows to save the kids by taking all of their superpowers onto himself. Yeah, it’s a simple task yet it’s harder to pull on a short time period.

In fact, getting all of it by himself is gonna take its toll on his body and mind. Once more, Yuu made more enemies than before, apart from evil scientists and mafia gangs.

Soon, he got most of the powers that Yuu is losing his identity and becoming more like a madman, as he sub-consciously plundering abilities while killing people like it was nothing.

Yeah, everyone feared Yuu and his powers that they dubbed him as the “One-eyed Grim Reaper”!

However, what kept him from hulking it out against the world is that Yuu got a hold of Nao’s tattered flash cards, which kept him going until he got the last ability.

And with that, he passed out due to exhaustion and Yuu might die as a result…

…until Shunsuke found his brother and took him back to Japan where Yuu recovered back to health.

Talk about good timing there despite being blind!

Sadly though, Yuu’s memories couldn’t recover due to plundering all of the abilities across the world. Poor Yuu Otosaka…

However, it’s not the end of the world as he can make new memories by becoming Nao Tomori’s boyfriend. Since Yuu kept his promise to Nao, I think it’s inevitable!

But that’s about it for Charlotte. While the ending is decent, I think there are some questions remained unanswered.

Questions like what happened to those evil scientists and mafia gangs after Yuu got all of the abilities. And did Dr. Tsutsumiuchi perfected the vaccine that’ll eradicate the Charlotte virus? These questions will never be resolved and while Charlotte has its moments, I think Maeda-san and P.A.Works should establish the plot earlier instead of later episodes.

With that said, I have to say that Charlotte was a good anime series to watch, but it’s not that great compared to Jun Maeda’s previous works. And speaking of Maeda-san, it would be better if he stick to writing visual novels instead of 1-cour anime series.

Anyways, time to say good-bye to Nao Tomori and Hoshinoumi Academy’s student council. Meanwhile, I might blog another extra episode of Angel Beats! in the future, and I’m glad that Jun Maeda’s anime from 5 years ago got a visual novel adaptation!

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