Durarara!!×2 Episode #24

Well, seems that Vorona is pissed that Shizuo-sempai was arrested.

Yeah, no wonder she’s in a bad mood today as Shizuo Heiwajima was falsely accused. I think Vorona should vent her anger at Izaya!

Now then, will Japan’s prison system can contain this bartender who can destroy prison cells with his bare hands?

Meanwhile, Akabayashi-san went to visit Mikado’s hideout in order to meet the leader of Dollars.

And judging from his expression, Ryuugamine is scared shit that a yakuza member is ready to destroy his gang and told him to know his place.

However, he’s not gonna do that since Mizuki Akabayashi was a member of Dollars like six months ago…

He’s here to tell Mikado a favor to find Shuju Niekawa’s daughter Haruna. You know what, would it be better if Niekawa-san asked Izaya in regards to Haruna’s whereabouts.

But since Orihara is a freakin’ troll, asking Mikado Ryuugamine for assistance is a wise choice. Speaking of Mikado, seems that he’s getting a bit crazy as Celty Sturluson told Ryuugamine about his well-being…

I mean, putting Aoba Kuronuma as an enforcer on purging bad members would put him and Dollars into greater risks like getting into a scuffle against the Yellow Scarves…

…which is now resurrected by Masaomi Kida. Honestly, I think Ryuugamine should reconsider on taking down Kida’s color gang since he’s about to drag his friend away from Dollars!

Lastly though, here’s a new character that was recently introduced last episode, but I didn’t show that character until now.

This is Kasane Kujiragi and she’s Jinnai Yodogiri’s secretary. Anyways, she and her assistant are busy finding Izaya Orihara since he has Celty’s severed head…

…but it seems that someone ran over Kujiragi’s assistant, which turned out to be one of those people who impersonates Jinnai Yodogiri.

Oh yeah, and who’s responsible for ramming one of Yodogiri’s proxies?

Why it’s none other than Izaya Orihara. And now, he’s about to silence Kasane Kujiragi for good!

But then, he was stopped by Slon who returned after being beaten by the Awakusu-kai.

Now, Slon became one of Saika’s children and he proceeds to beat the shit out of Izaya Orihara. Oh well, he’s gonna get confined in the hospital again… or maybe not!

In the end, Izaya was captured and it was revealed that Kasane Kujiragi is part of the Saika Army. Of course, he’s not gonna tell her about Celty’s severed head that easily!

But that’s about it for Part 2 of Durarara!!×2. See ya in January 2016 for the conclusion of Season 2 where the world of Ikebukuro is getting smaller and smaller… and also getting dangerous.

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