Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #11 & 12

Oh, seems that a certain devil just got back up again and he’s trying to free Maria’s mother. I’ll tell about it later…

Right now, it’s time for the boss battle as Basara Toujou take on Zolgear. Yes, it’s the classic “hero vs demon lord” battle!

However, seems that Basara didn’t have the right level to beat Zolgear. That’s sucks, and look how Zolgear just parry Basara’s attacks by putting his sword at the back!

And to add more misery to Basacchi, Zolgear mind-rapes him using his demonic powers…

…where he’s being seduced by a naked Mio Naruse as well as other female characters. That Zolgear, what a manipulative bastard!

Don’t worry though, this exiled hero is tough as nails and I’m sure that he’ll snap out of Zolgear’s mind-rape!

Meanwhile, Mio Naruse got pissed as not only Basara is in danger of succumbing to Zolgear’s magic, but she saw Maria’s mother Shella die in front of her!

So yeah, she unleashes her immerse demonic powers which Zolgear wanted it in the first place.

But it turns out that Mio’s powers couldn’t get it easily, and therefore loses Zolgear’s right arm in the process.

Sorry Zolgear, but you deserved it… and then he got away like a coward!

Meanwhile, Basara snapped out of Zolgear’s mind-rape and it seems that Zest has changed sides since that bastard demon lord just dumped her. Poor Zest…

Oh yeah, and did I told you that someone saved Maria’s mother from being killed? Well, it was a success and Shella is now reunited with Maria.

Of course, I wonder who is that person that saved Maria’s mother?

Well it turns out that it was none other than Yahiro Takigawa (or Lars), as he’s somewhat cheated death by making puppets on himself as well as Shella.

And by the way, Lars found Zolgear and he’s freaking pissed at him as I found out that Mio’s foster parents turned out to be Takigawa’s caretakers during his stay at the orphanage. Wow, it’s really a small world after all!

Now then, let’s finish Zolgear off…

…but it seems that he got the last laugh as Zolgear’s castle turned out to be a giant monster ready to be hatched and destroy everything!

Damn, what a pain in the ass!

Don’t worry though as Basacchi and his harem (plus Zest) will destroy the monster’s core if they manage to move those obstacles away by force…

This includes destroying Zest clones, which is not surprising since Zolgear considered the original Zest as a failure.

Well Zest, looks like there’s no other choice but to join Basara’s harem…

…right after killing those clones with your bare- I mean demonic powers!

Oops, I previously meant to say bare hands, but Zest can blast her clones away.

And now they reached the monster’s core, which is protected by tentacles that’ll fuck you to death… literally!

In fact, Zest is prepared to die for her sins, but Basara won’t take sacrifices to defeat a bigger foe.

So, Basacchi pushed Zest away and cut the core in half using Vanishing Shift. And with that, Zolgear’s castle monster was soundly defeated and there are no casualties when slaying this monster.

Yes, this includes Zest, Maria, Shella, and Mio Naruse. And by the way, seems that Zest is finally free from Zolgear’s control.

But wait, what happened to Basara? Well, I’ll tell you about it…

…as Lars is about to torture Zolgear to death for his crimes of killing his caretakers (and Mio’s foster parents).

And by the way, Takigawa-san invited a certain exiled hero who want to witness Zolgear’s execution.

That’s right, it’s Basara Toujou and he’s frickin’ pissed for capturing Mio, as well as toying Maria and her mother.

Well, there’s no escape for Zolgear as he’s gonna die in a gruesome manner.

Yup, and that bastard’s head exploded! Good riddance to Zolgear and I’m glad that it’s over!

So yeah, this demon lord wannabe was defeated and life is getting back to normal.

Yeah, this includes to Toujou household as Basara returned from his home to see Mio Naruse.

But you know what, since Mio is in danger of being taken away by rival factions, there’s one thing to do in order not to let Basara’s step-sister go to the enemy…

And that’s by having sex starting with a French kiss. Yeah, that’ll make her wet down there!

Also, don’t forget to fondle and suck her boobies before penetrating Mio Naruse. *wink*

C’mon, the fanservice that’s borderline hentai is important for Shinmai Maou no Testament!

But then, their love-making was interrupted by Yuki Nonaka. Oops, you should have locked the door there Basara!

Well, it’s time to call Maria and get out of this mess…

But it seems that Maria wants to have a piece of Basacchi instead. My condolences there, Basara Toujou!

In any case, that’s about it for Shinmai Maou no Testament as Maria’s mother Shella and Zest returned to the underworld.

But you know what, it there’s another season of this light novel adaptation by Production IMS, it’ll be the same thing as it focuses more on fanservice rather than the main plot. I mean, the fights are drawn-out that it bores me to heck. And while Basara Toujou is badass, he’s outmatched against either Issei Hyoudou or Akatsuki Ousawa.

Again, what’s important for Shinmai Maou no Testament is that it’ll be remembered for its risque fanservice and that’s about it!

So anyways, it’s time to say good-bye to Basara and his harem as they returned to school.

But then again, I have a feeling that there’s more to come for Shinmai Maou no Testament as Production IMS will make the second half of this series in October 2015. Therefore, the story continues and it’ll focus more on the plot this time…

…like the current demon lord Leohart, who took over the throne from the previous demon lord Wilbert by force.

In fact, I have a feeling that he’ll become the main villain on the second half of Shinmai Maou as he’s responsible for killing Mio’s foster parents by Zolgear and letting that bastard do as he pleases.

Too bad though as Zolgear was killed by Lars and Leohart is about to get punished by a certain dreaded hero.

That’s right, it’s Basara’s father Jin Toujou and he’s pretty much angry for hurting his son and capturing his adopted daughters Mio and Maria!

Well everyone, see ya next month but I won’t watch the second half since Kadokawa and Production IMS will aired it censored!

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