Working!!! Episode #13

Well everyone, it’s the final episode where Takanashi-kun has returned to Wagnaria as a guy!

C’mon girls, are you expecting him of dressing-up as Kotori-chan again? Geez, it’s the finale!

Anyways, let’s start with Aoi Yamada as while she broke too many plates today, seems that Aoi-chan is trying to get a picture of Souma-san as per Yachiyo’s request.

Um Aoi-chan, I don’t think it’ll work that way…

…since Souma-san is very shy in front of the camera. That’s why he loves taking pictures of other people instead of having a photo of himself!

Now then, let’s move onto the date between Souta-kun and Mahiru-chan. And as you can see, they still act awkwardly as always…

And it turned worse when Mahiru’s father showed up. Yeah, it’s been a long time since I last saw him in Season 1!

But you know what, Mahiru is just gonna punch her embarrassing father as he’s is the one who caused her androphobia in the first place!

But hey, it seems that Mahiru’s father has come to his senses on being a bad parent… somewhat!

Really, seems that Katanashi-kun doesn’t care about it anymore. In the end though, their date went well despite the slight derailment.

Anyways, it’s time to close the shop as the third season of Working!! has finally ended. Sure that Yachiyo will quit and put Popura-chan as the new chief waitress, but the atmosphere remains the same!

Also, glad that Souma-san and Matsumoto-san joined in on the group shot, but not Otoo-san’s wife though as Haruna-san went missing again! Why Hyougo-san, why!?

Oh by the way, who’s gonna take the picture?

Well, it’s none other than Kirio Yamada. Thanks a lot for allotting your time for taking this group photo!

But anyways, that’s about it for Working!!! and it was a fun ride for the last 5 years since this series debuted back in Spring 2010. Damn, I’m feeling teary-eyed all of a sudden that I’m gonna miss the staff at Wagnaria!

Then again, I have to reserve my tears for the time being as there’s one more to come that’ll serve as the grand finale.

In fact, seems that Souta’s mother kidnapped him and it’s up to Mahiru-chan on saving her boyfriend! Dammit A-1 Pictures, let’s hope that the upcoming 1-hour special would be great to close this series out!

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