Symphogear GX Episode #12

Here’s Elfnein and Mr. Akira Tachibana, as they watch how it unfolds on this penultimate episode.

And seriously, Elfnein’s time on this world is almost up so she wants to see the Symphogear users stop Carol Malus Dienheim’s plans until her last breath!

Let’s start with Carol Malus Dienheim as she told the Symphogear users that songs aren’t used to understand people with different languages, she’s using it to complement her alchemy.

But seriously Carol, you shouldn’t destroy the world with songs where you suppose to explore it as a normal girl!

Meanwhile, what the fuck is he doing here? Dr. Ver is supposed to be dead!

Anyways, this mad doctor wants to strike a last-minute deal with Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe. But honestly, it’s a freaking trap!

See, it’s a trap and Maria and her allies fell for it. Well at least they fend those Alca-Noises off! So, what comes next?

Well, Dr. Ver tried to reconfigure the Chateau du Tifauges. But then again, I doubt that he’ll succeed as this crazy doctor will just fuck it up!

While Dr. Ver is tinkering the Chateau, here’s Professor Nastassja and it was revealed that she’s not the real person, ’cause Maria and her two juniors saw their adoptive mother passed away at the end of Symphogear G.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, this fake professor makes her move…

…by transforming into a fake Gungnir Maria Cadenzavna Eve. Oh yeah, and that shape-shifter transformed into Serena at one point.

But you know what, Maria is gonna “Senerade” this impostor with her whip sword Airgetlám‎! And seriously, they want to atone their sins by beating this shape-shifter!

And with that, Carol’s plans of dissecting the world is in ruins…

…now that Dr. Ver finally messed up the Chateau (with some help from Elfnein). However, Carol got so mad that she destroyed her own castle!

Oh yeah, and Maria, Kirika, and Shirabe are inside that castle so it’s sucks for them getting killed! Who cares about that crazy doctor’s death and his “heroic deeds” by the way!

But honestly, it’s her own fault. Honestly, I think she should stop avenging her father’s death and forgive humanity for being ignorant and stupid.

However, she’s so stubborn that Carol continues her mission to destroy the world…

So, Carol vent her frustration on the Symphogear users and they failed to stop them, even if they disable all three safety levels on their Ignite Module.

At this point, there’s no hope for Hibiki and her friends…

Until Maria and her two juniors arrived at the nick of time. That’s great, but I won’t forgive Dr. Ver beyond his grave!

In any case, it’s onto the finale of Symphogear GX as the users unleashed a new power…

Oh yeah, and what does “GX” mean on the third season title? Well, it stands for “Generator X-Drive”. Wait, so the “G” in Symphogear G stands for “Gungnir” huh…

Anyways, see ya on the last episode even though it’s ended already!

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