Symphogear GX Episode #13

This is it, the finale of Symphogear GX and as you can see, Carol Malus Dienheim won’t yield just because her Chateau du Tifauges just went down in smoke and rubble!

But you know what, let Hibiki and her friends beat Carol to her senses…

…as they achieved X-Drive. While their armor has changed from Dainsleif black to white, their powers got a massive boost that can rival Carol’s vast amount of energy (unless she burned her memories too much)!

With that further ado, here’s Hibiki and Chris-chan as they destroy Alca-Noises with their respective weapons. After all, a bigger spear from Hibiki and bigger guns from Chris would mow those enemies down!

Meanwhile, Kirika and Shirabe are doing their usual duet…

This time, they combined their powers to form a giant stag beetle/roomba made from scythes and buzzsaws!

But you know what, their combination ain’t gonna top it…

…against Maria and Tsubasa’s “asymmetrical” docking, which they formed into a bladed drill.

Too bad though as their attacks couldn’t scratch against Carol Malus Dienheim.

See, Maria and Tsubasa’s drill couldn’t penetrate her barrier! Oh, and she’s not over yet…

…as Carol summons a giant lion mecha where she pilot it as a last-ditch effort!

But you know what, Hibiki and her friends will punch Carol to her senses as they combined their powers into a giant fist!

And now it’s time for the long-standing tradition of naming their final attack based on Nana Mizuki’s songs. Nope, it’s not “Exterminate”…

…it’s “Glorious Break”, which was the ending song in the first episode of GX. Yeah, it’s obviously glorious and Carol has finally defeated.

Of course, Carol won’t give a fuck on being saved by someone else like Hibiki Tachibana. Seriously girl, have a change of heart!

Look, Hibiki is gonna save you! Not only that, but Elfnein and your father are telling you to stop this mess and forgive humanity for their mistakes!

And with that, Hibiki saved Carol… somewhat. However, Carol went missing after they’re caught in a massive explosion!

Other than that, life is getting back to normal after this incident.

But moving onto the post-incident as Elfnein recovered after thwarting Carol’s plans. Still, her life is gonna end soon and some characters are feeling sad…

Like Hibiki Tachibana as she’s gonna lose a precious friend at any time now. Of course, I think that there would be a miracle for Elfnein!

In fact, there’s is one…

…in the form of Carol Malus Dienheim, who almost lost all of her memories after burning it out against the Symphogear users.

Feeling that she’s starting to lose her identity and Elfnein’s life is ending, Carol has decided to sacrifice her life to merge with Elfnein.

By having Elfnein’s memories transferred onto Carol’s body, Elfnein discarded her old homunculus body as she’ll live on as a normal girl.

Well, glad that Carol gave Elfnein a chance to carry that dream of exploring the world and living to her fullest!

So when Hibiki and her friends went back to the intensive care unit, they didn’t saw the girl named Carol…

…but rather Elfnein, now fully-reborn as a girl who’ll live her life to the fullest. And they’re delighted to see Elfnein back!

And that’s the end of Symphogear GX. Gotta say that it was the craziest season ever that it toppled the previous season. I mean, you have a group of villains who played the Symphogear users right to their hands… and they almost succeed if it wasn’t for Carol’s memories of her father as well as having rejections on her artificial body. Still, Carol did some atonement by transferring Elfnein’s soul to her body, which I like how it played out.

In regards to both Hibiki and Tsubasa’s relationship issues with their respective fathers, I was skeptical at first as it won’t resolved at the end of GX or bury the hatchet in a half-assed manner. But after watching the previous episodes of this season, Satelight handled it well.

But anyways, Symphogear GX was truly is the best season. Should Noriyasu Agematsu and Satelight make another season of Symphogear, I’m hoping that they could do better than this third season. And now, let’s move onto the montage on what happened to the Symphogear users…

Let’s start with Chris Yukine as she’s relaxing while her juniors Kirika Akatsuki and Shirabe Tsukuyomi are doing their homework.

You know, it would be nice if Chris-chan help her juniors on finishing their homework instead of lazying around just because she has good grades!

Meanwhile, Maria Cadenzavna Eve will return to the United Kingdom for her concert. Of course, Maria is not gonna do it by herself as Tsubasa Kazanari will join her.

Therefore, more exciting duet moments at the concert, although you won’t see it ’cause Symphogear GX is over!

And lastly, here’s Hibiki Tachibana as her family was finally reunited. Although Akira-san was hesitant at first when he met his wife for a long time, Hibiki made a push towards reconciliation by grabbing their hands!

It’s a good way to end this third season with Hibiki’s parents finally reconciled, and I’m gonna miss her and the rest of the cast (except for Dr. Ver).

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