The Asterisk War Episode #01

Here’s another light novel adaptation by A-1 Pictures, and I have to say that it’s gonna be potentially good…

…especially the fanservice. Never mind, I’m skeptical about this series as A-1 Pictures are getting inconsistent when it comes to animation. Remember Denpa Kyoushi and Gunslinger Stratos, anyone?

Anyways, the story goes as the world was ruled by six conglomerates. One of the conglomerates owned the floating academy city of Rikka (or Asterisk) and Seidoukan Academy was established there to find and groom the best students so that he/she will become a representative for the Star Wars Festival or Festa.

But now let’s move onto this scene where Ayato Amagiri met Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld by accident. As you can see on the first two pictures, Ayato saw Julis in her undies as he wants to return her precious handkerchief. Julis got her handkerchief back…

But since her body was seen by Ayato, Julis wants this newcomer dead with her fire magic!

By the way, the reason why Ayato Amagiri transferred to Seidoukan Academy is because he wants to find out what happened to his sister Haruka. But then again, Seidoukan Academy didn’t know (or denying it having) a student named Haruka Amagiri on their database.

With that said, it’s time to get serious…

…as Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld challenged Ayato Amagiri to a duel, and I have to say that it was spectacular for the most part especially with those interactive titles!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to tell you that Julis is not only a princess of Lieseltania, but she’s a Strega which the princess was called “Witch of the Resplendent Flames”. That means, she’s powerful and Ayato would be defeated!

Not this time though as Ayato can dodge and cut her fire attacks in half with ease!

In fact, I could see him as a clone of Kirito since Ayato has incredible sword-fighting skills. Now all he needs is some charm so that he could attract a harem of girls, including Julis.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t do that right now as Ayato’s duel with Julis was interrupted when someone tried to aim the princess with an fire arrow.

Good thing the transfer student managed to push Julis away from harm…

…but it seems that Ayato fell down as well and he accidentally grabbed Julis’ left boob.

At this point, this situation has gone from bad to worse!

Don’t worry though as the student council president Claudia Enfield save Ayato from that sticky situation. Besides, that duel wasn’t valid anyway as Ayato wasn’t a student of Seidoukan Academy yet.

Oh yeah, and Claudia is somewhat naughty as she showed her “black side”. But you know what, the reason why Claudia saved the transfer student from Julis’ fiery wrath…

…is because she wants to get a piece of Ayato by herself. Yeah, you go girl for making a formal transfer paperwork as an excuse for hugging him from the back!

Anyways, I hope that it’s good given that it has the same feeling as Sword Art Online. Wait, comparing Asterisk to SAO aesthetic-wise wouldn’t cut it! Still, I hope that The Asterisk War would be a good series to watch ’cause this light novel adaptation will have the second half airing in April 2016.

With that said, see ya next week!

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