Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode #01

Today is the start of a great series in the making brought you by TROYCA! Having some good experience on producing Aldnoah.Zero together with A-1 Pictures, the studio tries to push further with this novel adaptation.

In any case, the story is about Sakurako Kujou who is an osteologist. Basically, she loves examining bones for a living, whether if it’s an animal or a human being.

And speaking of humans, Shoutarou Tatewaki doesn’t like human remains as he’s too squeamish about it.

While he can handle dead animals, Shoutarou couldn’t stomach it when it comes to human corpses.

In fact, Shoutarou doesn’t need to as Sakurako-san uses her expertise to solve crimes and mysteries, just by looking at dead bodies and explain how a person died. It also helps that Sakurako’s uncle was a former forensics expert.

Anyways, Sakurako-san somewhat helped the police on finding the true cause of a couple’s apparent double suicide (which was revealed to be a double homicide). But with that said, this show could become the best anime series in Fall 2015 should TROYCA keep it up!

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  1. madreceiver says:

    So far this show has shown the most promise in it’s first episode of the shows I’ve seen this season. Hopefully it continues to be good!

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