Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #01

Wow, so that’s how you start this series by showing a fanservice shot. Oh, and Takeru Kusanagi got a tear in his eye! Was he crying in joy or despair?

Anyways, this light novel adaptation by SILVER LINK is about Kusanagi and his “small fry platoon”, which comprised of weirdos like Ikaruga Suginami and Usagi Saionji. They’re capable of hunting down witches, but they somewhat mess up with their mission.

Oh yeah, and as for Takeru-kun? Well he uses a katana which is obsolete and ineffective against witches, as guns become the standard and effective weapon of choice on dealing with rowdy magic users!

Despite that, guns are nothing for Takeru Kusanagi as he can cut a bullet with a single slash. Just don’t mock his swordsmanship, okay!

One more thing, there’s a new member joining to the 35th Test Platoon named Ouka Ohtori, who is the adopted daughter of Anti-Magic Academy’s principal Sougetsu Ohtori and a top inquisitor too.

While Ouka excels in both shooting and taking down baddies with ease (but not gravely injuring them), she has a thirst for revenge as Ouka wants to kill witches to avenge her parents’ death.

That’s why Ouka doesn’t need team-mates to help her out!

But you know what, Takeru will change Ouka’s outlook by grabbing her boobies. It’s a first step, but I don’t think it’ll work out that way!

Anyways, onto the next episode… and let’s hope that the 35th Test Platoon could get a score on dealing witches!

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