Hidan no Aria AA Episode #01

Well, it’s four and a half years since Hidan no Aria returned on television. While I waiting for a sequel to the 2011 anime by J.C.Staff, it seems that I have to settle on watching a spin-off instead by Dogakobo!

Anyways, the students of Butei High has returned such as Aria H. Kanzaki. But now, she and the rest of the main cast will have to baby-sit some first-year students…

…including this E-ranked klutz named Akari Mamiya, who admired Aria-sempai that she wants to be her partner. Sorry Kinji!

While she’s somewhat weak compared to Aria-sempai, Akari is somewhat good at her feet should Akari got attacked by an opponent.

In fact, she disarmed Aria by her quick hands. Too bad though as Aria recovered her handgun (which was actually owned by Akari), but that’s okay as Akari will team-up with her idol, albeit temporary.

Anyways, I hope that this spin-off would be good. But then again, the chances of having another season of the main series is already slim!

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