Heavy Object Episode #02

This is Havia Winchell, a noble who enlisted in the military to build some reputation, only to witness the massacre of a certain Object…

…who has the code-name “Water Strider”. And this Object won’t stop its wanton destruction until Milinda Brantini was captured!

Speaking of Milinda Brantini, seems that those bastards related to Water Strider are planning to do something dirty towards the Object pilot.

Yeah, those guys are lecherous assholes!

But don’t worry though as Qwenthur tries to snipe those baddies down. There’s one problem though as he’s a beginner when it comes to handling rifles.

However, Qwenthur manage to shoot them in the head. Then again, it was all thanks to smart bullets that’ll home into targets and hit’em without much effort!

And thanks to those bullets, Qwenthur almost got himself killed if it wasn’t for Havia pushing him to safety.

Thank you Havia for saving your buddy! And with that, Qwenthur rescued Milinda from being a sex slave!

Of course, it wasn’t over for Qwenthur and his two friends as they have to run away from Water Strider by entering into a cave.

At this point, there’s no way to put this Object down…

…unless they decided to destroy it themselves with explosives, which is suicidal considering its size and the vast number of weapons affixed onto Water Strider.

You know what, let Havia blow up the cave entrance as a decoy so that Qwenthur can sink his face onto Milinda’s boobies!

Anyways, onto the next episode and it seems that they’ll continue their plan on destroying the enemy Object by exploiting its weakness!

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