Fall 2015: The rest of the field…

I’ve recently finished watching Love Live! The School Idol Movie, and I have to say that it was a fitting ending for the school idol unit μ’s.

From its formation to save Otonokizaka Academy from closure to achieving fame by winning the Love Live competition, it was a great ride for Honoka and the rest of the girls and I’m gonna miss them!

While I’m gonna wait for the Blu-ray release so I can watch it again (and blog it), I might wanna try hearing the new single from Aquors which is the new school idol unit from the Love Live franchise. For now, it’s time for the rest of the anime shows this Fall 2015!

01. Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans

Let’s start with Gundam as Iron-Blooded Orphans are handled by two important people who are responsible for making anime series such as Toradora! and AnoHana: director Tatsuyuki Nagai and writer Mari Okada.

The story goes as a group of war orphans (and very sexy on top of that) decide to rebel against their private military company and survive on their own using mobile workers and a relic from a previous war called Gundam Barbatos, all while helping the Martian independence from Earth Sphere’s control as they have Kudelia Aina Bernstein at their side.

While it has some similarities to Aldnoah.Zero (minus the over-technology) and previous Gundam shows such as Zeta Gundam, the main gimmick of Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is that Gundam Barbatos can salvage enemy mobile suit parts and use it on its own. It’s similar to Frame Arms since Gundam Barbatos can mix-and-match parts depending on the mission.

But let’s move onto the series itself as I’m worried that Mari Okada might derail this latest Gundam show. The last time she made a mecha show was last year’s M3: The Dark Metal which has some flaws and was overshadowed by Aldnoah.Zero, so Okada-san has big shoes to fill as writing a Gundam series could make or break her career even further!

02. Osomatsu-san

Next up is Osomatsu-san, which is a sequel/revival to Fujio Akatsuka’s classic series Osomatsu-kun. While I’ve watched some episodes of the 1988 series back in the day, Studio Pierrot changed a bit where the Matsuyo sextuplets were all grown up.

Oh yeah, and they tried other things like turning a Showa-era slapstick comedy series (which Studio Pierrot did a good job of recreating that 60’s anime look) into a Heisei-era generic idol anime gone horribly wrong. But you know what, why not combine both eras for more hilarity!

03. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

Moving onto Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry where it’s basically a poor man’s The Asterisk War, with Mahouka added in as Ikki Kurogane is considered as a lowest magic knight at Hagan Academy. However, he can still beat high class magic knights like Stella Vermillion with his swordsmanship skills alone, which makes him both Touma Kamijou and Tatsuya Shiba (minus the godly powers).

Oh yeah, and Ikki Kurogane couldn’t graduate due to complicated reasons that’ll revealed on later episodes. Still, Ikki has to partner up with Stella since he won the match and he has to make the Crimson Princess as his servant.

As for the animation by SILVER LINK, it was good but I wish that it was aired uncensored especially with this scene!

04. Shingeki! Kyojin Chuugakkou

And lastly, here’s the spin-off to Shingeki no Kyojin where the main cast became middle school students. Yeah, and it last up to 17 minutes worth of Eren pretending to be part of the Recon Corp as well as Mikasa trying to notice her childhood friend.

Oh yeah and speaking of Shingeki no Kyojin, maybe I should blog the No Regrets OVA in the future…

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post with Ninja Slayer! As you can see, it’s now shown in the widescreen format and Laomoto Khan is defeated.

Of course, some plot points such as Ikki Uchikowashi and Dark Ninja remained unresolved after the final episode. Maybe a special that’ll air in Spring 2016 will solve that!

One more thing, if you’re trying to read my previous posts dating back to 2010, some of the images are missing.

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