K: Return of Kings Episode #02

Reishi Munakata, the current Blue King has offered Kuroh Yatogami and Neko to stay at SCEPTER 4’s headquarters.

But sadly, Kuroh declined Reishi’s offer as he leave the SCEPTER 4 headquarters to search for the Silver King, Yashiro Isana.

Also, it’s kinda cute to see him being attracted by a stray black cat!

Meanwhile, here’s a new character introduced on this episode. This is Gouki Zenjou and he recruited Reishi Munakata from the clan of the previous Blue King, Jin Habari.

Due to a previous incident, Gouki lost his left arm and he somewhat slay Jin Habari to avert a catastrophe. Now, he’s doing clerical work despite his disability… unless something bad happens.

And speaking of something bad and while I didn’t show it at the end of K: Missing Kings, seems that Reishi’s Sword of Damocles is starting to crumble. That means, he’s starting to lose his powers and eventually his own life!

Moving onto HOMRA’s hideout as the red clan offered Neko a place to stay. But then again, she has a place to return and that’s Ashinaka High.

Thanks for the offer though!

Speaking of Ashinaka High, does anyone remember Kukuri Yukizome? Y’know, the girl who got possessed by the Colorless King back in Season 1.

Well she made a cameo appearance on this episode, but I feel that Kukuri won’t be relevant in this season. Anyways, see ya on the next episode!

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