One Punch Man Episode #02

This is Genos, a cyborg superhero who wanted to avenge his parents’ death at the hands of a rowdy cyborg. And now…

…he’s dealing with a mosquito outbreak. It would be nice if Genos could burn those bugs out so he can take his revenge!

By the way, the mosquitoes are being led by Mosquito Girl. And thanks to Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice, this villain is so sexy and evil!

Also, Mosquito Girl came from the House of Evolution, which will become a major plot-point in the future.

But for now, Genos will just burn every single mosquito with a single blast of fire and lightning. And nothing can survive this explosion except for a certain Saitama.

Also, the city will rebuild itself after this mess!

Unfortunately, that explosion isn’t effective against Mosquito Girl which she evolved to her stronger form.

At this point, Genos is a sitting duck and he’s about to use self-destruction as a last-ditch effort. Sadly, that won’t be effective either!

Luckily, Genos was saved in the nick of time when Saitama swats Mosquito Girl into her bloody end, completely buck-naked as Genos burned his clothes up!

With that said, Genos became Saitama’s master after being saved by the strongest man on Earth.

As for Saitama however, he doesn’t excite him one bit on gaining a disciple. In fact, he’s annoyed at Genos for begging him to learn how to become stronger!

Anyways, it’s onto the next episode where the House of Evolution makes their next move…

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  1. dyingearth says:

    I just cannot wait for the sparring chapter to be animated. That’s a couple of episodes out (I think it’ll be in the latter half of episode 5).

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