Owarimonogatari Episode #01

Remember this familiar character? Well, this is Ougi Oshino and this person is very important on this final chapter of the Monogatari Series.

Whether you treat Ougi as an ally or a villain is up to you. Hell, you can treat her (or him) as a troll if you want too!

Anyways, let’s start things off as Ougi and Koyomi got trapped in a classroom, which it wasn’t supposed to exist in the first place.

Now then, some say that the mysterious classroom was created by Araragi’s dark past. But you know what, I bet that it was Ougi who made this room out of nowhere to troll Koyomi!

In any case, let’s dwell deeper into Koyomi’s past…

…starting with an important character named Sodachi Oikura. Anyways, Oikura invited Araragi-kun to a class assembly two years ago. What appears to be a normal assembly turned into an impromptu trial, where the class are debating who’s the culprit behind the reveal of math test questions during the study group.

Until they find the culprit, the class won’t go home. But due to their class assembly being held late in the afternoon, the classmates are getting agitated and the assembly is becoming a warzone… until they decided to blame Oikura for revealing to test questions to the class. Sadly for Oikura, she didn’t take it and decided to stay home and study there.

So who’s the culprit then? Well, it was actually the class advisor Komichi Tetsujo who used the questions from the study group to her mathematics test. And that’s why most of the class who participated in the study group got higher scores in math.

In the end though, the case was finally closed and it was Ougi who solved it. So while Oikura returned to Naoetsu High, Mrs. Tetsujo got away scot-free!

As for Araragi-kun, he not only got scorned by Oikura-san but he couldn’t get a high score in mathematics afterwards. Not only that, Koyomi can no longer see who’s right or wrong anymore thanks to that horrible experience two years ago.

Anyways, both Koyomi and Ougi got home after being trapped in a classroom. But you know what, I don’t trust Ougi one little bit! With that said, see ya on the next episode…

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