Owarimonogatari Episode #02

Hey look, it’s Sodachi Oikura and she’s back after a long hiatus. And yes, she still has a grudge on Koyomi Araragi for what happened at the class assembly two years ago!

In fact, Sodachi stabbed Koyomi’s left hand when he grabbed Oikura’s right shoulder. And seriously, that’s a “no-no” for Hitagi Senjougahara!

See, Senjougahara sensed danger that she went into the scene. And while Tsubasa Hanekawa is stopping her from doing something terrible, nothing can stop Hitagi from avenging her boyfriend.

In fact, being slapped by Oikura won’t bulge Senjougahara much…

So therefore, Hitagi responded with a punch that sends Sodachi away in a comical way.

Sorry Oikura-san, but you’re 10 years early to beat Senjougahara!

But let’s move onto serious matters as Araragi-kun went to his old middle school together with Ougi Oshino!

And what they find to his old shoe locker was a map….

…which lead to this abandoned mansion. What lies there would reveal how Koyomi Araragi shaped to what he is today!

But for now, I’ll see you on the next episode to find out how Araragi changed from five years ago.

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