Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru Episode #02

Here’s something cute on this week’s episode. This is Ii-chan (real name: unknown) and you can’t believe this that Ii-chan is involved in a murder case!

Notice her bag? There’s a blood stain on it, which it might belong to her mother. Good job Shoutarou on pointing that out!

In any case, Tatewaki asked Sakurako-san for help even though she’s having a good night sleep in the early morning.

Anyways, Sakurako-san found out that Ii-chan suffered a broken left arm (specifically an avulsion fracture). While there’s speculation on whether Ii-chan was abused by her mother or she jumped from a higher place, but the only way to solve this case is to find out by themselves…

…by going inside the victim’s home. There, they found the dead body of Ii-chan’s mother Mrs. Tominaga.

It was revealed that she was murdered while protecting her two children. Yes, Mrs. Tominaga has another child other than Ii-chan.

So when Sakurako-san and Shoutarou opened the compartment, they found a baby boy named A-chan.

Still, they can’t celebrate yet as A-chan couldn’t wake up due to being enclosed in a cramped space.

So, Sakurako performed CPR on Ii-chan’s little brother to regain consciousness by putting oxygen to his brain. Unfortunately, it’s a race against time…

…as the assailant who killed Mrs. Tominaga has shown himself. And seriously, this drug addict can’t be stopped that he stabbed a police officer along the way.

Now, this suspect is about to kill everybody!

That’s until Shoutarou disabled the killed and put him down on the ground. And truth to be told, it was revealed that Tatewaki is a black-belt judo practitioner so it’s very handy when it comes to defusing dangerous situations.

Anyways, the suspect has been apprehended…

And look, A-chan regained consciousness at the right time so credit goes to Sakurako Kujou.

Of course, there’s a looming question for Mrs. Tominaga’s children on what would happen to them since their mother was killed. Whether they’ll get adopted or not will leave us to our imagination.

For now, another case was solved on this episode!

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