Hidan no Aria AA Episode #02

Being Aria’s temporary Amica is fun and challenging for Akari, especially when she’s trying to get her handgun back!

Sure that it was hard to become Aria’s official partner, but being with her idol makes Akari happy that she brags about it!

Well, except for Akari’s best friend Shino Sasaki, which she wants to be with her friend forever and ever! I mean, Shino-sama has some yandere tendencies when someone like Aria-sempai approaches Akari.

In any case, Shino wants to defeat Akari using her iaido technique so she can break up with Aria-sempai!

But then, Akari uses her ninja skills to disarm Shino’s katana. And by the way, Butei High’s student uniform is bullet and slash-proof so it’s no wonder that it’s tough against a Japanese sword!

Anyways, Akari Mamiya beat her best friend Shino Sasaki by throwing her into the fountain. C’mon, there’s no hard feelings about it!

See, Shino has no ill feelings towards both Akari and Aria, therefore it’s all’s well that ends well for both of them!

As for Aria-sempai, I think she doesn’t need to intervene in Akari’s personal affairs. Still, I wish that Aria should spend her time with Kinji!

Anyways, see ya on the next episode!

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