Anti-Magic Academy “The 35th Test Platoon” Episode #02

This is Mari Nikaido, daughter of a famous witch who is currently working as a messenger.

And this is Haunted, a former priest-turned-ultimate warlock who knows necromancy, alchemy, and summoning.

These two are part of an organization called Valhalla, which they want to defeat the inquisitors and free their fellow witches from discrimination!

And speaking of inquisitors, Ouka Ohtori still hates witches that she want to kill them rather than capture them alive. In fact, they’re the reason why Ouka’s parents and her little sister died because of those witch.

So how did those witches kill her family? Well, some say that those witches controlled Ouka and proceed to kill her parents and her little sister. Of course, we’ll never know the full details…

…as Anti-Magic Academy was attacked by Haunted’s new toy: an Einherjar.

And speaking of Haunted’s Einherjar, this particular summoned being is actually a reanimated Arthur Pendragon.

That’s right, the Celtic King himself whose soul was put into a suit of armor and in his hand is a railgun-like weapon named Excalibur!

With no time to waste, Ouka Ohtori summoned her trump card that’s dangerous to wield.

Her weapon is a gun-type Relic Eater named Vlad Tepes, and this pair of handguns required the user’s blood to activated its hallmark magic.

It maybe blasphemous to use magic against an Einherjar, but it’s necessary for Ouka to defeat one of Haunted’s summoned beings.

So yes, Ouka managed to stop Mecha-Arthur in its tracks. But when she’s about to deal the final blow…

…Ouka’s Vlad told her that he’s out ’cause his master said so. Said master happened to be Sougetsu Ohtori, who wanted Takeru Kusanagi to deal the final blow instead.

Really Sougetsu-kouchou, are you gonna risk your daughter’s life just for Kusanagi-kun?

Speaking of Kusanagi, he got hit by Arthur’s hallmark magic and he’s about to die soon…

Ouch, and he almost showed that his sword-play isn’t just for show!

Until he was asked by Lapis Lazuli to form a contract with her in exchange for his humanity. Yes, Takeru will come back to life but he’ll become a monster later in his life!

With that said, Takeru has returned to the battlefield. This time, he’s wearing a armor-type Relic Eater and Kusanagi is about to show the world that his sword skills are useful against witches!

Therefore, he defeated Haunted’s Einherjar with a flurry of slashes. Rest in peace, King Arthur Pendragon!

And that’s the end of Episode 2! Gotta say that it was quick, but I’m worried that SILVER LINK might rush this adaptation out and make it worse like Magical Warfare. I hope that it won’t happen starting on the next episode!

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