Heavy Object Episode #03

Well everyone, time for Qwenthur and his crew to do the impossible task that nobody attempted before: To bring down an Object by exploiting its weakness!

In fact, Qwenthur found out that the Water Strider’s spider legs needs constant maintenance like replacing the turbines in order to operate at its fullest.

And with that in mind, Qwenthur proceeds to sabotage a single turbine bound for the next maintenance.

By rigging the turbine with explosives and taking out sensors, he’s confident that his plan would work out.

However, it seems that Milinda Brantini was captured again! Why it has to be the Elite Princess?

Still, Qwenthur managed to rig one of Water Strider’s turbines so it’s up for him and Havia to call reinforcements to get rescued as well as Milinda.

But then, they were captured after making a call. Seriously, try contacting your allies at somewhere safe!

Anyways, this asshole from one of Faith Organization’s armed forces tells both Qwenthur and Havia that they’ll be killed by their Object’s main weapons, all while interrogating Milinda Brantini even it they’ll use rape and torture.

Also, he boasts how their second-generation Object is superior to a first-generation. But you know what, let’s put his claim to the test…

…as Qwenthur broke free and push the enemy commander down while blasting the rigged turbine away with a push of a button.

And then, there was an explosion in one of Water Strider’s legs. For the enemy, it’s like they’re being hit by a mosquito…

But for Qwenthur however, it’s an accident that’s bound to happen as he took out one of the sensors, which will trigger a self-destruction sequence for the enemy Object as a safety precaution should anyone attempted to captured a disabled Object.

So with that said, those bastards from the Faith Organization knows…

…that Objects aren’t absolute kings of the battlefield. For every Object constructed, there would always be a weakness.

C’mon, Qwenthur studied hard when it comes to Object design and that’s why he applied it when it comes to destroying one with nothing more than plain old guerrilla tactics, using explosives and a sharp mind!

Of course, it’s not over yet as the enemy are now in panic mode and they’re firing back at Qwenthur, Havia, and Milinda.

Hell, this guy is included too as he couldn’t believe that their Water Strider was brought down by mere soldiers.

Suck it puss ’cause they’re ain’t tiny prey for your beloved Object…

They’re the hunters! And look, this asshole commander got a headshot!

I wonder who snipe that bastard down? I mean, no one will come to save Qwenthur and his friends!

Oh wait, I take it back as Frolaytia Capistrano made that amazing shot. And also, the commander brought in some needed reinforcements.

Man, talk about good timing there!

So with that said, the enemy surrendered and the battle at Alaska is over.

While Faith Organization still remained in power, it’ll be a hard pill to swallow now that they receive a humiliating defeat at the hands of mere human beings like Qwenthur Barbotage and Havia Winchell.

And speaking of these two boys, they got recommendation for their bravery on saving Milinda Brantini, while taking down an Object with their bare hands and sharp wits!

Still, they won’t live a happy life soon as Qwenthur and Havia will be deployed on the next battlefield. Sorry you two!

But hey, here’s Milinda Brantini in a cute dress to cheer those two up before sending out. Thank you Milinda!

And that’s the end of Ep. 3! Gotta say they I’m impressed on how Qwenthur managed to destroy an Object using his knowledge. Maybe in the future, he’ll make an Object that’ll almost have no weaknesses!

Anyways, see ya next week!

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