Gochuumon Wa Usagi Desu Ka?? Episode #02

Well Tippy, you sure are bored today when you have nothing to do apart from being a mascot to your son Takahiro.

Meanwhile, seems that Sharo-chan went to Chino’s house as she’s scared to sleep peacefully at night.

In fact, Sharo is scared to go back as her house is being haunted by a ghost!

But the truth is that she’s being haunted by a feral rabbit… and then Sharo was forced to take care of it even though she’s afraid of rabbits!

Scary stuff, huh? Nah, just kidding!

But you know what, let’s go to greater things like seeing Chiya and Sharo in their maid uniforms!

It’s cute, but the reason why they dressed up like that…

…is because they must serve Rize-sama as she sprained her left ankle.

For some reason, there’s something missing on this scene.

That’s right, we shouldn’t forget Cocoa-san and Chino-chan as they wear maid uniforms for this occasion!

Nothing beats cuteness when you’re wearing maid uniforms, especially Chino-chan! I’m gonna faint if I stare at Chino-chan for a longer period!

Moving onto this scene as Rize shows her “pellet” gun collection. So if that’s the case, the handgun she’s carrying is a pellet gun too?

In any case, she invites both Cocoa and Chino-chan to play some firearms, which is wrong given that they’re too young to uses guns whether it’s a real thing or a BB gun!

Also, Rize shouldn’t point a gun at her friend even though she’s holding a toy handgun.

That’s why Sharo-chan got startled that she spilled tea onto Rize-san.

But hey, it’s an opportunity for Rize to wear a maid uniform. Honestly, she’s damn cute while wearing that!

Even Rize’s badass father acknowledges his daughter’s cuteness being shared by her friends! You go Mr. Tedeza!

And that’s how episode ended as Rize got flustered upon seeing her father. C’mon, she’s a daddy’s girl!

Anyways, onto the next episode…

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