The Asterisk War Episode #03

Dammit Claudia Enfield, are you trying to seduce Ayato Amagiri by letting your breasts being fondled by him? Hell, even Ayato couldn’t grasp this situation!

Meanwhile, here’s Princess Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld as she invited Ayato for a city walk. It’s not a date though by the way!

Oh yeah, and she tried eating at a burger joint…

…before being interrupted by Lester McPhail and his cronies. Man, these guys are so persistent that Julis can’t catch a break!

With that said, both Julis and Ayato left the burger joint just to avoid trouble.

But it seems that they can’t shake it off as they encounter a gang war…

…which Julis easily took those thugs out! See, those small-fries are no match for Julis’ powers.

However, one of the thugs told her that a certain black-clad person ordered them to harass her.

And so they proceed to apprehend those troublemakers, which I suspect that they’re actually Lester and his cronies.

I mean, they’re itching for a fight against Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld which she doesn’t want to fight him again. And seriously, it’s unfair that they’ll do underhand tactics to wear this princess down…

…as well as injuring Ayato to the point that he won’t fight again. Yet, both Julis and Ayato managed to fend off their attacks so it’s a lost cause for those hooded harassers.

However, they managed to score a casualty… in the form of Ayato’s clothes. Damn, are they trying to strip him naked!? Also, Ayato’s generic sword Lux was busted but at least he has Ser-Veresta in his hand!

Luckily, Julis can sew it back on as she learned it from her friends back at the orphanage. No I’m not saying that Julis came from the orphanage, what I’m saying is that the princess secretly visited the orphanage countless times when Julis was a cute little girl.

In fact, the reason why Julis went to Seidoukan Academy is because that she wanted to help the orphans through financial means. And speaking of finance, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation doesn’t have the concept of philantrophy as giving charity to the underprivileged is a waste of money. For now, Julis finally finished stitching Ayato’s polo shirt.

However, it seems that she was invited by someone else that Julis will have to go by herself. Maybe it has to do with the orphanage or such, but the point is that it’s a trap that’s waiting for the princess.

So with that said, it’s up to Ayato Amagiri to rescue Julis-Alexia van Riessfeld on the next episode!

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