K: Return of Kings Episode #03

This is Nagare Hisui, the Green King and the leader of JUNGLE whose sole purpose is to see the Silver King, which is Yashiro Isana.

We don’t know what his aim is, but Nagare is very dangerous as he might topple the balance of power!

Anyways, let’s move onto some action where Saruhiko Fushimi and Misaki Yata (who was ordered to return Neko’s panties) was attacked by one of JUNGLE’s top clansmen.

Said clansman happened to be the resident video game maniac Sukuna Gojou, who is very lucky today as he’ll dispose both Fushimi and Yata for a whopping 7,000 JUNGLE points!

Good luck killing both of them Sukuna, but you’ll never win this boss fight unfortunately!

Meanwhile, Yukari Mishakuji was ordered to kill Kuroh Yatogami, while nabbing Neko as a bargaining chip for the Silver King to come back!

You know what, I think Mishakuji shouldn’t do that and there’s no need to grab Neko…

…as a familiar character has returned to fix this mess by himself. Yes, even Yukari-san was shocked to see the Silver King returned!

That’s right, it’s Yashiro Isana or should I say Adolf K. Weismann. Welcome back, Shiro!

Heck, even Neko is happy to see her dear friend back!

With that said, this sequel is just getting started with the return of the Silver King!

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