Owarimonogatari Episode #03

Hey guys and girls, let’s dig deeper into Araragi’s past from five years ago as Koyomi met a certain fairy in mathematics that changed him to a person of righteousness… before crashing down thanks to that infamous class assembly!

Anyways, Koyomi was tutored by the math fairy in a ruined mansion until she disappeared at the last day of summer. While his grades went up, Araragi-kun was confused on why the math fairy vanished.

It turns out that the mathematics fairy is actually Sodachi Oikura and the ruined mansion that they studied turned out to be her home. Of course, both Araragi and Oikura studied at the attic as they don’t want to bother Sodachi’s parents.

Speaking of her parents, it was revealed that her family life is fragmented as Sodachi’s parents are closer to getting a divorce. So, all that she wanted for Araragi is to take a hint on her grim situation and let his police parents take action. But you know what, I don’t think Koyomi’s parents would intervene Sodachi’s family problems should he found out it.

Alas, it’s already too late as Sodachi Oikura resented Koyomi Araragi for not helping her. On the contrary, Oikura helped Araragi-kun on becoming a better person ’cause had she not helped him, he would become an empty shell right after the class assembly from two years ago!

But that’s about it for Ep. 3 or Owarimonogatari. Now it’s up to Araragi-kun on reconciling with Oikura without hurting each other in the long run!

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